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500th Anniversary! 2

Posted on October 29, 2017 by Alexander

Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis on the Wittenberg chapel door on October 31st, 1517 500 years ago to protest the sales of indulgences by the Roman Catholic church sparking the Protestant Reformation.

Over the years I have encouraged readers to not celebrate the demonic Irish Catholic celebration of Samhain renamed “Hallowed Evening” or “Halloween” by the Roman Catholic leaders who absorbed paganism into their system and white washed it with “Christianized” nomenclature. Samhain (pronounced Sowain) is the Druidic feast of the dead and was brought to Protestant America in the 19th century by the Irish Catholics who fled the Great Potato Famine of Ireland for the prosperous shores of the United States. Up until that time Halloween was never observed.

The Lutherans of Germany have always recognized October 31st as Reformation Day. And as the title and caption indicate, this is the 500th anniversary of that historic day when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis protesting the sales of indulgences on the Wittenberg chapel door which sparked the Protestant Reformation and brought the new birth to millions of Europeans. Because of that single act of defiance, the English came to know Christ, and eventually the colonists sought out a new country that could be run by the freedom that Christianity brings to believers. The USA has a huge debt to Martin Luther.

I just finished reading EW Bullinger’s book, “Numbers” which takes a look at Old and New Testament through the Jewish system of the Gematria. The number 5 is significant for grace and the number 100 (a multiple of 10) for the perfection of divine order. I found the book fascinating, and I wonder if there will be a significant change in the Church of Jesus Christ this year. Already, much has been wondered regarding the seven eclipses that was viewed across 7 cities in the USA. There was also talk regarding the conjunction of Jupiter with sun in between Virgo and Leo. I heard another speak of the significance of the wineries of Napa county burning up along with the casino shooting of Mandalay.

Such talk is not new, of course. Only time will tell if any thing comes of these things. But, at the very least, for followers of Christ who abhor the pagan ritual of Halloween, this is a great time to remember the saints of the Reformation who transformed Europe and was the seed bed for Americanism. Celebrate this momentous event. I will be dressing up as Martin Luther to tell the children that I work with about this great change.

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