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    The title bar in red above are pages of former posts archived in those categories, along with articles from other writers. Each page has the ability to add comments


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    The site has 3 categories of The Way, The Truth and The Life.

    The Way is Discipleship.

    The Truth is God in Theology,
    The Church as a business,
    and The World we live in.

    The Life of Christ is in Family Life,
    His Body Life,
    and His Ministry to others.

    Click on a category to read an excerpt describing the blogs in all the subcategories, or click a sub category for specific topics.

    No comment will be posted that has no clear indication that the writer has read the article. Link building and spam is deleted.

    Viral Distribution

    Feel free to copy the articles and pass them around. My only request is that credit is given me and you link back to my site.

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