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Living Truthfully in a World of Liars

How do we know the truth when so many lie?

Published on: Feb 24, 2010

I said in my haste, “All men are liars”. (Ps 116:11 KJV)

I am continuing to meditate on what it means to have root in oneself. I am convinced that this is essential for discerning truth from lies. Its bottom line is one’s trust in one’s own senses. But it is not just trust in the 5 senses for the physical world, but also includes one’s spiritual senses.

Our spiritual senses are developed as we listen to our heart and gut feelings. Sensitivity to the spirit increases as we meditate on the meanings of our dreams. It develops as we sense right and wrong through our conscience. It develops as we learn to trust our instincts.

Developing root in oneself must occur before salvation. Everyone who comes to Christ has developed some roots in themselves, otherwise they would not believe in Jesus. Belief is the foundation of knowledge. All that we know is what we genuinely believe. To know something is the completion of faith. Mental assent is the beginning of knowing but it is not knowing. To know something is to be fully convinced in the conviction of what one knows. It is completed faith.

So we all must learn to trust our senses to know anything. The problem that I addressed in prior posts on this topic is that we often claim to know something when in truth we are repeating what we have been told by the “experts.” Those who have deep root in themselves are people who face reality. Reality about themselves, knowing what they actually do, and reality about others. “Experts” are a dime a dozen. Every drug commercial has an actor dressed up as doctors to give the illusion of an expert testimony. But what people say is only truth when it is backed up by action. Claims are easily made by politicians, but how they vote and what they actually do is the truth, not their rhetoric.

The longer I live (I am almost 60) the more convinced I am of the overwhelming amount of lies that surround me. No ad on television is to be believed. They only want to sell more of their product. For example, every toothpaste commercial has a large glop of toothpaste on the brush. That much toothpaste is not needed to clean one’s teeth. Likewise, shaving cream is always pasted an inch thick on the man’s face. The razor cuts the beard, not the shaving cream. The cream softens the hair follicles for easier cutting. Only about a 16th of an inch is actually needed for the job, not an inch.

It is a lie to believe that our votes make a difference. When both candidates do the same thing, even though they claim different things, there is no real choice in voting. The political system is rigged and has been rigged for generations. I came to this realization after watching the dismal performance of the Republicans who had the majority in both the house and senate during the Clinton era. They are all liars interested in only staying in office.

It is a lie to believe that there is a free market system in America. The markets are regularly manipulated by the Federal Reserve who buy and sell stocks to benefit the dynastic banking families (who are stock holders of the Federal Reserve) and their profit margins. They have this authority from Congress through what is commonly called the Plunge Protection Team.

Even the innocence of small children is rife with lies. I had two girls, a 10 year old and a 12 year old, as partners in my acrobatic team who always acted like they loved working together to my face, but actually hated each other. I found this out after they quit and the other girls told me the truth of the matter.

A multitude of examples could be listed of the lies that surround us all the time. But dwelling on the lies is not the point of my post. It is how to live truthfully in a world of liars. That begins when one has developed root in oneself by testing honestly the truth of one’s self and others. But it’s completion comes when one has anchored one’s self in a truthful relationship with Christ and His Word.

That means knowing Christ and His Word for yourself, not by relying on what others say. The church system is rife with lies. The lies continue in the clergy system because there are a multitude of people who parrot what they have been told without testing what they are told for themselves. So even when you have root in yourself, until you have discerned the truth on your own, the natural tendency is to accept what the multitude says.

The good news is that truth is greater than lies. Lies need the truth to exist, but truth does not need lies for its existence. And the Truth is Good. The meaning of good is that something functions properly; is right and, because of that, tends not to be noticed. God is Good, yet He is not usually noticed. Not because He is invisible. Quite the contrary. Romans 2 tells us that all creation declares the attributes of God, even the invisible things.

It is like a clean white cloth and a dirty white cloth. When more dirt goes on a dirty white cloth, we tend not to notice it because of all the other dirt. But when dirt goes on the clean white cloth we see the dirt due to the contrast. But the dirty cloth is clean first. The dirt has to have the clean cloth first to exist before it can go on the cloth. As one becomes more aware of the reality of the clean cloth beneath the dirt, the easier it becomes to distinguish between the dirt and the cloth.

The world is covered in dirt, but the world began as good and goodness remains the foundation of all creation. The ability to see the goodness that is covered in the dirt comes when someone who has root in himself becomes rooted in the truth of who God is, and not the lies said about Him. When you know Jesus for yourself in truth, you know both how good He is, and how good His creation is – including the people rife with lies. For lies are like a parasite that needs a host. The host is healthy in the beginning but becomes sick as the parasites of lies become rooted in their hearts.

Jesus tells us that we need to remove the beam from our own eyes. Fortunately for us, Jesus is in the business of removing the beams in our eyes that prevent us from seeing clearly. As we cooperate with His work in removing those beams, we see the goodness of his world and can live truthfully in the world of liars.

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