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The Lord speaks prophetically wherever we are: at work, school, etc - if we are willing to speak on His behalf.

The Lord speaks prophetically wherever we are: at work, school, etc - if we are willing to speak on His behalf.

Published on: Jun 23, 2009

I write this post from the point of view of being an organic prophet myself, or more precisely a prophetic teacher who functions organically. When I speak of organic church and organic ministries, I am not speaking about house churches. Instead I speak about the organic life of God Himself flowing through His body on Earth wherever His body may be. So that can be in house churches, or it can be in the professional clergy system, or it can be on the job, in school, in the family, or anywhere. In short, everywhere. Neither do I speak of an office. The organic life of God functions in the body according to need, not according to permanent office. Office is a term of the world system. The functions of God in His body is as needed therefore is seasonal and temporary.

And while all may prophesize (1 Cor. 14), not all are prophets. It is noteworthy that prophecy is listed in all three ministry gift chapters (1 Cor. 12:10, Eph. 4:11 and Rom. 12:6), the pastoral gift is only mentioned once (Eph 4:11). Prophets are born prophets with that motivational gift which is part of their character. There are prophets who do not serve God because they are pursuing their own lives. Such people often become authors, lawyers or politicians. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and try to make the world right through their efforts. Other prophets are surrendered to God and are used by God everywhere, and not just in the Old Testament sense of addressing kings, or in performing miracles. I have been used by God in some miraculous ways, but because of my tendency for analysis as a teacher, I think that undermines the simple faith needed for the miraculous to function often.

Except for once in the beginning of my walk with Christ, I never say, “Thus saith the Lord.” A prophetic utterance does not need to be identified. When a prophetic utterance is made, it will be recognized by both the speaker and the hearer as such because of the fingerprint of God on the words. The place for identification of the utterance as from God is for non believers who do not recognize the Lord since they do not know Him. Yet they will still recognize something different. And I even wonder if that is needed. For God does not work from the mind down to the heart, but from the heart to the mind. When a Word of the Lord is imparted it goes straight to the heart, leaving the unbeliever bewildered by the experience. But that Word implanted in their heart is a seed that will either lay dormant for the right time or will grow slowly until it breaks through the ground of their mind. It is then when it is helpful to identify the source of the prophetic utterance. I believe that this is what Paul is talking about when he compares the benefits and disadvantages of speaking in tongues versus prophetic utterances in an understood language for the unbelievers who may visit a gathering of saints in 1 Corinthians 14.

In our pursuit of finding a regular gathering over the years, my wife and I have been in many different denominations. Although we were both nurtured in the Pentecostal traditions of Christ, we weary of the mindless focus on the feeling the Spirit that strays from the written descriptions of the Bible. So we spent many years in evangelical groups that do not believe in the gifts of the Spirit. In one Baptist fellowship we discovered many others of Pentecostal backgrounds that had switched fellowships for similar reasons. I remember one experience in a Sunday School class when a pentecostal visitor had asked for prayer on a particular need in her life. I volunteered to pray and as I prayed I realized that my prayer was turning into a prophecy for her. But since we were in a gathering that did not believe such things, I continued the prophecy as a prayer so it would be acceptable to the group and not offend them. As we drove home I told my wife that my prayer had become a prophecy. She did not understand prophecy in that way and did not believe me. The next week the woman came up to us and told us that she had received the prophecy from God through the prayer. She did not need to be told it was a prophecy since the prophetic utterance bore witness with her spirit.

As a gymnastics coach I frequently give prophetic utterances to the children and parents in my business. While talking to two little Mexican sisters in my class, the Lord gave me a word for the children. I did not identify it as prophecy, but I knew as I spoke that the Lord was speaking through me to them. Whether they understood it was a prophecy is unimportant. The Word of the Lord never returns void. God accomplished what he wanted in that moment. There is a mother in my program who is from that Baptist fellowship I mentioned earlier. She still attends that group. And yet, there have been several prophetic words that I have given her that was not identified as prophecy. Nonetheless, I know she received the Word because of the expression on her face.

Organic prophecy is much more common than we realize. God cares about everyone and will speak to them through the organic prophets. Identifying the prophecy, in one sense, can undermine the impact of the Word. For God is not interested in always being identified. There is a time when the Word is ripe in the heart of the receiver for God to get the glory, but not all the time. God is more interested in the results of His Word. He knows that He will get the glory in due season. He does not weary in well doing. We should understand that all the exhortations and admonitions of Scripture given to us, apply to God, as well. For the admonitions of Scripture are to help us consciously understand the nature and character of God to whom we are being conformed into His image.

The characteristics of prophetic utterances will reflect the character of God. The Word of the Lord is pure as silver refined in fire seven times (Psalms 12:6). That means a Word from God is both brief and pregnant with meaning. The Word of the Lord is peaceable, gentle and easily entreated full of mercy, good fruits and without partiality (James 3:7). That means it will be edifying and encouraging to the hearer. The spirit of prophecy is found in the point of what is said. God gives us the point, but we put the words to the prophecy. Sometimes, as a teacher I love detail, and I say more than the point God wanted stated. Charismatic preachers think that their rambling on and on is prophetic utterance. There may have been a prophetic word, but as Andrew Wommack says, they take a word and turn it into a paragraph.

You may not know who the organic prophets are in your life, but you will know when the Lord speaks to you through them. The Lord is an ever present help in our times of need. There are prophets in your life who do not call themselves prophets, yet have spoken prophetic words to you when you needed to hear them. God is faithful to us even when we are faithless to Him. Be encouraged. God will speak your to heart in your time of need.

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Submitted on 06/24/2009


I now have this blog in my feeder reader. I don’t know what I think of parts of this, but I like the overall emphasis on the results that God is looking for. Especially liked this part:

“For God does not work from the mind down to the heart, but from the heart to the mind.”

That is absolutely true. What you said of prophecy also rings true for what we call a “word of knowledge”. When someone speaks it, the hearer knows it came straight from God. It’s like one word in a sentence or paragraph becomes amplified and you can’t get it out of your head and heart for days on end. You know this is God. You know it.

Alexander Douglas
Submitted on 06/24/2009

Thanks Kat.
An ongoing series begun with “Organic Pastors” with this one is growing in my heart. The body of Christ is healthy and strong, as you said elsewhere, but it is invisible. We confuse the visible organization with the invisible organism. I want to help believers recognize those who are used by God anonymously to encourage believers that God is alive and active in every believer’s life with body ministry to them.

If I am in fault in this post, it is because my main point was probably not stated clearly enough. That point being that all the “5 fold” ministries are being provided to everyone in the body by the body, and usually not those in self proclaimed “offices”.

Submitted on 06/26/2009

This was one of two refreshing words I’ve read today and I thank you for it.
Friend on the same page,

Alexander Douglas
Submitted on 06/26/2009

Thanks for that word of encouragement. Kat didn’t seem to understand what I was saying, but your comment has encouraged me that I was understood.

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