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Single Women, Become Mothers

Posted on June 06, 2009
This video is a chilling look at the reality of our world. There is no overpopulation problem, but the lie has been bought that there is, and that having careers and making money is more important than having families.

Linda and I married late and have no children. We tried, but she had already past her child-bearing years. That realization that I would never be a father and that she would never be a mother was devastating.

It was only much later that I learned that a woman’s prime time for bearing children was between the ages of 13 to 27. After 27 difficulties increase. I have made it a point to encourage every single woman that I know to have children if she finds her soul mate to marry. So often they respond that they have time for a career and a family later. They are wrong, it is the other way around. Make time to have a family first, then when the kids grow up you will have plenty of time for a career.

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