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Babies learn to walk and talk without instruction

Babies learn to walk and talk without instruction

Published on: Mar 26, 2009

As a gymnastics coach a large part of my job is in encouraging children in their ability to overcome the difficulty of the stunt I happen to be training them. There are two incredible challenges that all of my children had overcome already that I frequently remind them about.

As babies they learned to walk on two feet without anyone teaching them, and they learned to talk. Their parents, of course, encouraged them in these endeavors, but the truth is, they learned on their own how to do those things. With walking they rolled off their backs, pushed themselves to their hands and knees and crawled. As their muscles became stronger through the effort of crawling, they climbed alongside couches and coffee tables to hold themselves up on two feet. Then they began their first tentative steps.

Talking is more incredible. Listen to anyone speak a foreign language that you don’t know and you will know what the babies were experiencing. Sure, Mom and Dad helped in saying the words associated with the objects, but those non-talking children had to figure it out for themselves, none-the-less. And they do so by paying attention and looking for the associations. Then they try to sound out what they heard to see if they get a response with the sounds. They learn to talk on their own. Amazing! So if those kids can do that as babies, then they can master the stunts that I am teaching them.

This is an example of organic growth. It does not happen because of programs or teachers, but naturally in a child’s development. Programs and teaching, are then added to a child’s education, of course, to expand their learning horizon. Ultimately, though, in all education, the bottom line is that we learn by self teaching. And I try to get my kids to do the same, even though I instruct them and guide them.

This is also true of the Organic Church. When I use this term, I am not referring to the house church gathering, or other venues of meeting. I am referring to all believers who are organically tied to Christ through the new birth.

God has given us all the same organic means of growth in Him. It is not dependent upon teachers, programs, or anything else (although they have their place and I am not speaking against these). It is the same organic process for baby Christians as it is for baby children. Baby children learn by modeling first, and instruction second. Baby children learn because they are driven by natural needs of hunger, elimination, and the God given need for security and love in the community of a family.

The plight of the Church today is not bound to the institutions or organizations, but begins with each individual believer in not pursuing their own organic growth. As children our parents are our primary role models. However, if a child grows up in a house with siblings, those siblings become secondary role models, often to the confusion and detriment of the child since siblings are in their own growth process, too.

Likewise in the Church, our primary role model should be our heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. And baby Christians often go astray because they look at their siblings instead, who are not mature role models.

God has equipped us all with the means of following His example for us. It comes by His Spirit in our hearts followed by our conscience as the primary organic growth of our spiritual lives. Mature siblings and instruction in the Word of God are secondary, but for many believers, they become primary, hence their maturation becomes stunted.

Our primary organic growth in Christ is the same as babies with parents. When baby Christians look to Jesus as their role model, they will try to copy Jesus and see what kind of response Jesus gives them. But if the siblings demand the new born Christians to pay attention to them then the new borns will lose sight of Jesus.

When I was new to the Lord, I held to a teaching of my natural father, even though he was an atheist, which cemented my walk with Christ. My father was a scientist and had taught me that scientific inquiry always examines the primary object without consulting secondary opinions so the scientist would have an unbiased impression of the object of inquiry. After one had become thoroughly acquainted with the object, then one could consult the secondary opinions.

So I read the Bible for myself, worshiped and prayed seeking the response of Christ in my life. Regrettably, the influence of the secondary opinions of fellow siblings still was all around me: pulpit preaching and teaching, radio and television broadcasts, and the discussions with the brethren. But I had learned to look for Jesus first and had become familiar with Him so I knew His voice in contrast to the multitude of voices competing with His.

The organic church resides in the visible gatherings of believers as well as apart from them. Too often the gathering of the organization is confused with the organic church. Those who are organically growing in Christ are marked by their maturity and independence of thought since they are anchored in their personal knowledge of Christ Himself, and they are found in every denomination and gathering of believers.

So, while there is just cause for finding fault with the organizations, the failure of the Church in general is because too many individuals have not taken the personal responsibility to organically grow in Christ, and so are easily tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine that comes along.

The good news is that it is not too late to grow in Christ. He is only a heart beat away from you. Look at Him and try to copy Him to see how He responds, to you. It is His heart’s desire for you to truly grow in Him. He does not make fun of your mistakes and will redirect you in His way. As you come to know Him, then you will begin to see the organic church and those who have organically grown in Him. Then you will know which siblings you can make your companions to follow Christ together.

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  1. jung says:

    One of Paul’s church epistles is the book of Ephesians. This book mentions spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is given to the church, not to a personal matter. Spiritual warfare always wins when the church grows together.

  2. Alexander says:

    Thank you for your comment.

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