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Loving Dexter

Published on: Nov 7, 2008

This is a little thought, but very basic and good to remember. Last night I was outside in my backyard with my wife. She was still in the hot tub and I had finished, so I was sitting there cooling off when our cat Dexter came up to me.

He has become an outdoor cat since we got this frisky kitten, Freddie, who is always ambushing him with flying leaps upon his back to wrestle. Dexter is now an older cat who has lost his kittenish play, and prefers hunting mice and birds instead. So he tends to stay outside in one of our neighbor’s yards keeping a fence between him and Freddie.

Dexter is a very affectionate Tom cat. He wanted some love. So I was loving on him when I became aware of the Lord’s presence. God rarely speaks to my heart with discernible words these days. Instead I just “know” what the Lord wants me to understand.

In this case He was reminding me that He is a God of love. And whenever we are operating in genuine love, He is there in our midst. To take the statement, “When two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst” (Matt 18:20) without the presence of love as the context, we wrest the Scriptures of its meaning.

This also holds true for our prayers. Galatians says that “faith works by love” (Gal 5:6). If genuine love is not in our heart when we pray, then it will not matter how much we believe: the prayer will not be answered. This is also another index that lets us know that we are praying God’s heart instead of our own agenda. For all prayers according to His Will shall have that sense of His love within it.

So it was a simple lesson from the Father. A reminder that I know I need to remember, and perhaps for you, too.

Post Script 4/23/11
Dexter never took to Freddie. The Lord gave me a dream one Friday night that Dexter had jumped out of my pick up and went to another house. On Sunday, Dexter disappeared.

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Submitted on 11/07/2008

Aww…thanks for including this post about Dexter and Freddie! I also love the photo. I can relate similarly. In my youth, we always had a cat around, named Kitty (original, eh?! Hee hee!) My parents had actually adopted her the year of my birth. She ended up living to the age of 23! In any case, we also adopted two other cats in the course of my childhood. Both Muffin and Bibbs were kittens when we got them. Like Dexter, Kitty, also had similar behavior towards these two, but all in all, they did get along. I loved both the mellowness of Kitty and the youthful energy of the other two. They complemented each other.

Isn’t it beautiful how Father teaches us very important Truths about Love, Grace, Patience, Care, etc through our pets. Quite honestly, He does so daily with my little Howie. (If you’ve not been “introduced to my little guy, feel free to read “Straining Against the Leash on 9/27). Pets truly are beautiful gifts, especially for those of us who do not have children of our own. Quite honestly, Howie IS very much like my child in this season of life. I love him very much.

Thanks again for sharing about Dexter and Freddie. Give them an extra hug and pet for me.

~Amy 🙂

Submitted on 11/07/2008

Thanks, Amy. As I get older, loving people is all that really matters. I know the evils of this world, but I have to keep perspective. We are told to be wise concerning good, and simple concerning evil (Rom 16:19. It is easy to look too much at the evil and to forget the good. This is something Father repeatedly reminds me.

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