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Why I Don’t Vote

Published on: Oct 31, 2008
I did not register to vote, nor will I register again. Because of the Christian media urging everyone to do “our Christian duty” to vote since it is our responsible “stewardship,” and if we don’t vote great horrors will happen. But they do not tell us who to vote for, only vote your conscience.

I agree that we should follow our conscience. If your conscience tells you to vote, then you should vote. But our conscience is no sure measure of right and wrong. Paul tells us that the one whose conscience is offended by meat offered to idols, to him it is sin, does not mean that eating meat is a sin. Nor that every conscience is the same. By not voting I am voting my conscience.

Great latitude has been given to the concept of stewardship so that littering is a violation of our stewardship. Frankly, the only stewardship, or at least the main stewardship that the New Testament speaks of is the mystery of the gospel, which is Christ in us our hope of glory. The pulpiteers have made voting in a secular system equal to the gospel.

Likewise, when we are told to pray for our leaders, it is so that peace may be kept for the gospel to go forth. A multitude of rationalizations are made as to why we are to put the government in an equal position as the gospel. It is not consciously thought of in these terms, but that is what the practical result becomes. I made this observation at a home school co-op meeting after they pledged their allegiance to the American flag, then the Christian flag, then the Bible. I said, don’t you know that what you place first has preeminence over the rest? Shouldn’t our allegiance to Christ precede our allegiance to the American flag?

And what does it really mean when Paul told the Romans that “there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God”. (Rom 13:1 KJV). The word ordained has a sanctified connotation that borders on the thinking that God has predetermined every government until Kingdom come. As it turns out (in the KJV, anyway) a multitude of Greek words are translated as “ordained”. First, in the English, ordain simply means to put in order. This particular verse uses the Greek word tasso which simply means “to arrange in an orderly manner”. Take the word ordained out of the verse and put that definition in and you get a different feel to the verse. “…there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ‘arranged in an orderly manner’ of God.” This does not mean God is creating the governments, but that God is arranging the governments in an orderly manner. Did God raise Hitler, or did He arrange the governments to defeat Hitler? Organized religion supports the status quo because it is part of the system. Most of Christianity in Germany supported Hitler, even though they grumbled about him because of this misunderstanding. It did so because organized religion is part of the system, and defending the system is natural to its own survival.

It makes no difference who is elected for either candidate will do the bidding of the real owners of this nation. The Democrats will tax and spend and the Republicans will borrow and spend. What’s the difference? The US debt is completely unpayable. Proverbs says that the borrower is slave to the lender. The lenders, that is the international banking families, own this country and no politician is able to do anything apart from the lender’s will. Both McCain and Obama will continue to forge the North American Union and remove the sovereignty of the United States. They serve their masters, not the people.

There are many people for many reasons who do not vote. I felt, therefore, a list of reasons for not voting should be written to offset the pressure by those in the system who say we should vote.

The reasons I do not vote.

  1. To assume voting will solve our problems is a type of idolatry. It puts the political process before God.
  2. Voting has already been shown to be unreliable and easily cheated. There is no guarantee that your vote will even be counted. We saw the “problem” of the hanging chads in Bush’s 2nd term election. Electronic ballots are the trend and can easily be changed. To assume that honesty in voting prevails is either naivete or ignorance. Stalin said that the power belongs to those who count the vote not the voters.
  3. But my main reason for not voting is because I understand what the government is today.

The government we have today is a private corporation that began in 1878 with the District of Columbia Organic Act. This act incorporated DC into a private business that was set up according to a clause in the US Constitution that allows Congress carte blanch authority over the District of Columbia. The corporation was called the United States Government and they adopted the US Constitution as their corporate charter. So from 1878 until 1912 there were two governments running our nation. Both governments were called the US Government. The first government was the one created by our founding fathers. The second was created to handle the business needs of the first government. The problem that caused the first government to be vacated, and still is, was the financial irresponsibility of our elected officials. They borrowed money from the wealthy banking dynasties and reneged on the debt. So those “money masters” worked out a deal with the corporation that owed them the money (not the jurisdictional government which are the people of the United States) to give them control of the national economy, vis a vis, the Federal Reserve Act.

Since the corporation had a charter that was identical to the Constitution, they could change their charter anyway they saw fit. The problem for Americans is that we assume the changes on their charter was the same as changes in the Constitution since they were identical. So when the 17th Amendment was passed, which changed the election of national Senators from appointment by the governor of the state (or election by the state congress) to popular election, they abandoned the Constitution for their charter. For the Constitution expressly prohibits three times the election of Senators by the people. For that was an integral part of the separation of powers. Congress already represented the people. The purpose of the Senate was to give equal power to the less populous states with the popular states and to represent the interests of the state and not the people. So when Woodrow Wilson was confirmed in his second term (1912) by a Senate that was elected by popular vote, the Constitution was vacated and the corporate charter was used instead. The 16th amendment could not be used in the Constitution because it expressly states that the only constitutionally acceptable tax was one by census where everyone made the same amount (a flat tax). But since constitutional government was abandoned for the corporation, they could pass the 16th amendment for the revenue that was needed to pay interest on the money the corporation called the US Government was borrowing. A debt that now is in the trillions of dollars and that neither the corporation nor the banking dynasties that own the private business called the Federal Reserve, expect to be paid.

Since the incorporation of DC into the private business called the US Government is not our government, they have no authority over us unless we are participants of their business. All of us have unwittingly entered into a contractual relationship that gives them authority over us. We have done so by registering to vote, by paying into the “ponzie scheme” called social security, by using zip codes, by using their driver’s and marriage licenses, and by voluntarily paying their “income” taxes.

We are all greatly entangled in the web of deceit and fraud that has been gradually placed upon us by the banking dynasties that own the corporation that we mistake for our government. It is extremely difficult to disentangle that web and net that has captured us. The private businesses calling themselves “churches” are part of this system because of their tax exempt status, business infrastructure, and their marketing techniques. Not voting is one way I can not participate without going to jail. The other things I listed that put us under their authority are harder to get out of since they wield legal force over us.

I was very angry when I came to understand what has happened in this country, but I am not angry now. Father, pointed me back to the Kingdom of God. But the Kingdom of God is not an organization. Nor is it organized by men. It is the life of God in all who want it, and the one on one following of God

God has never told me to vote. One strength of the world system is the appeal to the flesh through “causes”. We are encouraged to be active in a “cause” to validate our lives, and to give our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. But this comes from the flesh, not the spirit. Even organized religion takes advantage of this in championing many “worthy” causes such as voting. But the pursuit of any cause without the Father directing us to pursue those causes remains a work of the flesh and can only produce death.

The church has been instrumental in transforming this nation from a truly free market system to a socialist nation, this was the drive of the Social Gospel of the 1920’s. And it is still the Church, seeking a cause outside of the simple will of God, to save this nation by voting. Sadly, the underlying thinking is that if we don’t vote, the nation will fail. The implication of this thinking is that God does not care about the nations and will not intervene in any way.

Well, maybe He does not care about the political systems, but He does care about the people. Why did God let Israel remain as slaves for so many years (I do not believe it was 400, more like 150 years)? Moses tried to deliver Israel in his own strength and simply became a murderer. When he submitted to God, he was able to deliver them. I think God wants most of us in the wilderness, too, so that we may know Him and His ways and not lean on our flesh or the world system, either.

The banking dynasties of the world control the world systems. They operate according the Hegelian Dialectic for win-win scenarios for themselves. The dialectic is a formula for one group to manipulate the outcome of two other groups. The formula is “a thesis against an antithesis equals a synthesis”. The bankers pit capitalism against communism to get fascism. They win in all three fronts. If capitalism overcame communism, then they have more capital produced to manipulate in their fractional reserve scams. If communism wins, since they have control of most of the nations of the world (most are in debt just as the USA), then they have direct taxation for their interest. If neither win, which is what is happening today in this country as we see capitalism and socialism (i.e., communism) mingled, you get fascism which is the merger of government and private enterprise, and laws are made for the benefit of corporations – which we already have today. The “bail out” of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” is evidence of this continuous fascist development of our nation.

So my final question is, “Whom do I serve?” Paul said that whom we obey their servant we become. Shall the temple of the Living God (that is, the church of Jesus Christ) be servant to Belial? The church has become servant to Belial since it assumes that all governments are fatalistically determined by God. I don’t agree with that. God organizes the governments that are created by men to ultimately accomplish his will. But governments are still men. Paul tells us that:

“For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.” (1 Cor 11:19 KJV)

The heresies are not created by God, but men and demons. But He allows those heresies to contrast the true believers so that they may be distinguished from the heretics. I think this is true for governments, too. So, I will not participate in the delusion of voting, for voting means nothing today.

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Submitted on 11/01/2008

This is a hard subject. You will probably get some negative response…after all,”your either with us, or agin’ us”. And…most will not follow the duality of our situation today, that we are not participating in the”real established US Govt.”. Fot one, i applaud you.

As an arqument quencher, i registered, relented went to the polls & pretended to vote to satisfy ‘mi esposa’ in 2000: it ruined a running 36 years of non-participation, in a system that was beyound redemtion. Remember how we were taught about PROPAGANDA as related to Russia & Nazi Germany ages ago in public schools?

When we allowed the Media & Churches to be nationalized, guess what? Exactly as you describe…establishment (Govt.) churches & pretend free press become the norm.

Submitted on 11/01/2008

I understand what you mean. Yes there will be some who will think I am not a patriot. But there are surprisingly more that agree with the sentiment, even if they do not understand the reasons.

Comments to Common Roots Social Network

Submitted on 02/03/2009

I had posted this blog on the Common Root Social Network and later closed my account. To save the comments I have copied them here.

Andrew Cornelius on 1/14/09

Likewise I did not vote, and the more research I endure the more I see where arguments like yours are coming from. The Bilderberg Group plays into all this as well, and I do think a North American Union is a very real possibility. World leaders have to try to keep their respective populaces complacent/happy, but they primarily serve interests other than the people’s.

Alex Reply on 1/14/09
Thank you for your comment. The sad state of the world is that all nations are serving the international corporations interests instead of their citizens. The global government is not happening because it is God’s will (then why bother scattering the tongues at the Tower of Babel?) but because the delusion of freedom is so great that few realize that they are the human batteries of the Matrix.

Andew Cornelius on 1/14/09

That said, how do we survive economically without partaking in the system? I mean, I currently work for a corporation. I’d prefer not to be working for such an entity; it is harming the environment and providing the federal government with much tax revenue. But my options seem quite limited. How can we support ourselves during these times given the realities at hand?

Alex Reply on 1/14/09
I am glad you asked. Father has been speaking to my heart regarding a Kingdom Economy. What the professional clergy has taught most believers straddles the fence between the Kingdom and the World, for they function according to the world system.

I just finished reading an old book (relatively speaking) printed in the 1970?s called, Government By Emergency by Gary North. He examines the economies of nations during WWII where scarcity came about due to price controls. He cites the different ways people survived: black market, bartering, trading goods for services, repairing what you had and selling your service of repair, etc.

We are all conditioned to think inside the box of the world system. God uses people in and out of the systems. Daniel was in the system but Elijah was out of the system. I think Peter who was out of the religious system went into the religious system for support, whereas Paul who was in the religious system as a Pharisee went out of the religious system as a tent maker.

I have had this discussion separately with Nathanael Snow, and he is well aware of the possibilities, too. The last 30 years of American church history has seen two streams of the underground church swelling: the house church fellowships and the home school co ops. I believe God is touching the hearts of saints everywhere to begin the third stream of an underground Kingdom Economy. I am not speaking of those who buy land and farm and sustain themselves by that farming, although they are included. But I am speaking of Christian businessmen who use their business as a venue of creating a working community with the saints in using the alternatives I mentioned above. More than that, I see the home school families and the home fellowships encouraging each other in being entrepreneurs of the alternative economy. Some will participate in the system still, some will completely separate themselves from the system, while others function in both spheres. But all being interconnected as a community in geographical proximity and through cyberspace.

What are the saints going to do if there is a Mark of the Beast when no one can buy and sell without it? Now is the time that God is making those preparations.

Andrew Cornelius on 1/14/09

I personally doubt the majority of the world’s population will accept mandatory micro chips, and I am also skeptical of such a reading of Revelation. Either way, yes, we’re going to have to think outside the box.

Alex Reply on 1/14/09
Exactly. Those who believe that everyone has accepted the Mark of the Beast will be blinded by the system in not seeing the Remnant that God always maintains who will not participate in such a system.

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