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Significant Ministries that Shaped my Views

Published on: Oct 12, 2008

Recently I added some banner links to the blog. I created these links because I endorse their material. These are ministries that have greatly shaped my view of God and the Bible. I am grateful for these men and their contributions to the body of Christ. One is dead and the others still live.

Living Streams Ministries

Before I found Watchman Nee’s books online I read the “Spiritual Man” in a hard copy edition that I bought from Christ for the Nations in 1990. I bought several other books from CFNI by Nee, as well. His teachings brought a clear awareness in my life of what it means to follow the Spirit. It was not until later that I had heard that Watchman Nee had been the source of cultic congregations. As I discovered it was because of his disciple Witness Lee who had left China and settled in Southern California. It is Witness Lee’s ministry that has put so many of Watchman Nee’s books online for the public to read free of charge. After I discovered Living Streams Ministry I read much more of Watchman Nee’s books. When one reads the books in his later life you can read the struggle for control of people that he began to develop. One that was carried by Witness Lee to the States. It is a shame that someone who truly understood sensitivity to the Spirit would want to control people, which is a lack of trust in God’s ability to care for His own. But Watchman Nee who came to Christ in the early 20th Century not only wrote many books but was instrumental in building the house churches in China during heavy communist domination. So it is easy to see his desire to control the Chinese Christians since he was a founding father of Christianity in China. He fled Foochow his home for Taiwan but felt he should go back to mainland China. He was imprisoned and died in jail translating communist propaganda into English for Beijing. To paraphrase Paul in the Galatians, he began in the Spirit and ended in the flesh. But he has so many good books, if the reader focuses on his early works then the reader will truly understand what it means to walk in the Spirit, be led by the Spirit and to hear the Spirit.

After I married Linda, I longed for the power of God. When I was young in Christ I had a simple faith and experienced many miraculous things. I got caught up in the end time scenarios and realized that if a great disaster occurs, then following God’s Spirit will also need operating in the power of God. After 15 years of doctrines and “churchianity”, my heart hardened towards the simple faith I once knew. Andrew Wommack has a radio ministry that is only 15 minutes long where I live. He also has a TV ministry but seeing the ministers on TV distracts me from their message. I much prefer hearing their messages than being distracted by their appearance. Nonetheless I soaked up much of his teaching. Unlike most preachers of faith, he does not shout. He talks simply, plainly and with a sense of humor.

Two great truths he has taught on have become foundational in my understanding of God. One is that the power of God is a finished work in Christ. Our faith is not in what God will do, but what God has already done through the cross. The power of God moves through the love of God. We miss God many times since we are not tuned into God.

The second main point that he has taught that I believe is in regard to the sovereignty and goodness of God. Sovereignty does not mean lordship. God has the right, but does not control every thing. He is above everything but He is not the cause of evil in this world. Our wills, demonic forces and natural forces of creation cause evil. God is blamed for that which He does not do.

Andrew lives in Colorado and provides a multitude of free MP3 files for free download of his messages. He was providing these files before pod-casting became popular, because he has a genuine desire to enrich the body of Christ. He works through the system but focuses completely on God.

The God Journey

Four years ago, I finally got tired of the Church System, and left it for house church life. Two years of that also left me unsatisfied. A friend, Dennis Swint, sent me a copy of Wayne Jacobsen’s book, “So You Don’t Want to Go To Church Anymore?” The book was a marvel to read. It is fiction, and Wayne uses the pseudonym, Jake Colsen, as the author. It is the story of a pastor who meets someone over a period of years that guides Jake into trusting Father in Spirit led living. In the conclusion of the book, Jake sees the religious trappings of all organizations and experiences the organic life of Christ instead in Spirit led relationships. In researching the author I found the God Journey and read many other of Wayne’s books. Ultimately, the God Journey is not about forsaking the Church, but gaining freedom to do and go wherever Father leads without the religious trappings and condemnation.

Each of the ministers listed above have views that I do not agree with or believe. But I find that the majority of what they teach bears witness in my spirit. They are men whose teachings have much meat. I can truly eat the chicken and spit out the bones from their teachings. Unlike the vast majority of speakers that I have listened to who are more like fish who have not been properly filleted and the bones are too hard to spit out. This last endorsement I have included in the banners on the right does not teach about Christ, although he speaks from a Christian world view.

While we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are still pilgrims and strangers in this world. The three men above teach on kingdom life, but Eric Madsen of Team Law has unraveled the mystery of the world, specifically the USA. During that same time that I was seeking the power of God I had been caught up in Christian conservative political tidal wave of the 1990’s. When I saw that all our efforts in the political arena yielded little or no results I sought the answer to the problem. There are a multitude of patriot websites online. Some of these writers are Christians and many are not. But they all addressed the problems in America in specific terms that were not tied together well. When I found Eric’s website, he had tied it all together because he went to the congressional documents to understand what had happened in our nation. Despite the website title, Eric is not a lawyer, nor does he give any legal advice. He is a truck driver who had his home confiscated by the government in Colorado without the eminent domain claim. He started reading the laws to try and figure out by what right the government had in taking his home. He did not study “law” as through a school. Instead he read the actual laws. In his research he also came to grips with the laws of God, not in the Old Testament sense that is used by churches to force tithing to support their businesses, but in the purpose of creation as to who we are by God. Which purposes over rule the laws of men who wish to control other men. We are to seek first the Kingdom of God, but we are also to be wise as serpents yet harmless as doves. The Church in America, and probably world wide, does not understand the Divine intent in our creation. The church system dumbs down our understanding of the place of governments to merely obeying whatever they say, which is contrary to the will of God. I will not go into detail as to what Eric has to say, but I encourage all my readers to read his and the other websites that I am endorsing in this post.

There was a time when I defended what others have said merely because I read it. However, I am now in a place of my thinking that I do not defend what others say, only that which I have meditated upon and has become a part of my world view in truth. And now, I don’t even defend that anymore. Truth stands on its own. Now I will speak the Truth (that I am convinced is the Truth), whether in love or not, let the reader decide, and let it stand on its own. If I miss the truth then let it fall. If I speak the Truth, then I do not need to help it stand up. These four men, I gladly endorse. I trust that they will speak the truth to your hearts, as well.

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