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Published on: Jul 4, 2008

Today is the 4th of July, in which citizens of the United States of America remember the day we declared our independence from Great Britain. However, few Americans really understand what that means. Because the government that controls this nation also controls the public education, all who grow up in public schools are given the government approved version of history. Even the children being trained in private schools are getting the government version with a Christian emphasis instead.

Most Americans think that we “rebelled” against England in declaring our independence. Our forefathers who left England did not come here as English citizens, because they had left their English citizenry behind. To understand what I mean we need to understand what it means to own land. King George was a sovereign over a feudal society (of which England still remains). In a feudal system, no one owns the land. Only the king. The king owns the land in allodium. Allodial ownership means that the owner owns the land in its entirety. Land does not mean the ground only, but the space below the ground (and all mineral rights) and the space above the ground (and what ever flies through the sky into your space). In owning the land completely, whatever crosses the land (that is, wild game) belongs to the king. So in a word, all the resources of the land belong to the king.As the allodial owner of the land, no one can tax the king for the property belongs to him. However, he could sublet the real estate and charge tribute for the use of the the land. But all the resources of the land still belong to the king. So the lords and the church would pay tribute (a tithe) to the king, and would sublet it down to farmers and peasants, who paid tribute to lords, who paid tribute to the king in a giant pyramid type scheme.

Well, because of the hazard of travel and the pestilence and disease in the new world, many would die and never gain the benefit of the new world. So, to encourage them to go, he granted the land in the new world to the colonists in allodium. That meant that they would be their own sovereigns subject to no one. Since many could not afford the passage, many worked for seven years as indentured servants to the king to pay their fare for traveling across the Atlantic ocean.

The earlier settlers were their own nations. The land they staked out belonged to them as though they were each a sovereign nation. This is where the laws of trespass come from. When some one came upon your property with out your permission it was like illegal aliens crossing the border. You had the right as an independent sovereign owner of your land to tell them to leave, and if they refused you had the right to use force, or to shoot them. If ducks flew across your property they were yours by right of allodial title to the land.

So on July 4th, 1776 when the inhabitants of the new world declared their independence from King George, they were not rebelling, but resisting the intrusion of one sovereign upon another. The Boston Tea Party was not about the taxation being too high (if they were, then this current government should be overthrown), but that England had no right to tax the Americans at all. That would be like Mexico imposing a tax on Americans.

The declaration of independence was a formal affirmation of that which already existed and was a declaration to King George that he had no legal authority over the Americans.

This same principle applies to us as Christians as well. God made every human a free sovereign agent, accountable only to Him. We lost that freedom in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. We regained it in the Garden of Gethsemene followed by Calvary. Satan and people are always trying to tie the yoke of servitude upon believers. We are a free people in Christ, but we have to resist those who would try to usurp our God given freedoms.

The government that runs this nation is not the government that the founding fathers created. We lost that republic by the Civil War. We completely lost the constitutional government in 1912, and completely lost the corporation called the United States government in 1944. Since then the government that reigns does not serve the American people, but their European owners instead.

When I learned the full details of this (if you want the details, contact me) I was quite angry that the vast majority of American Christians caught up in politics were being used, and duped by this foreign power. But the Lord brought me out of my anger by reminding me that I am not a citizen of this country. Rather I am a subject of the Kingdom of God. I am a pilgrim and a stranger passing through this land. My loyalties lie with the Lord, and my freedoms come from Him.

So on this 4th of July, I encourage all American Christians to remember that their freedoms do not lie in government, but God. Every generation is evil. And in every generation, those who held their freedoms did not do so by the flesh, but by the Spirit of the Living God. All governments will pass away. Our loyalties are not to this government but to the eternal government of Christ our King. Stay centered on that and you will keep your freedoms.

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Submitted on 07/05/2008

Hello, I have recently started the study of the masons, illuminati, plant Nibiru, and the world bankers. I have found very interesting blogs, articles, short films, and movies on these different subjects. However, I would say 95% of those putting together these facts believe Christ to be part of the illusion as well.(An illusion to control) I believe in the risen Christ. I also believe in this manipulation of people throughout history, by the the bankers, the masons, and the devil. I dont get many views from anyone of the faith though. I would love if you could send me everything you have relating Jesus to this subject. Look forward to hearing from you. Andrew

Submitted on 07/05/2008

The easiest thing I can do right now is refer you to this website: . This is where the pieces came together for me. I do not believe that Christ is part of the illusion. It is Satanic in spiritual origin, but real through the power of people who are part of dynasties that have kept the goal of a world government alive through many generations.

The website I am referring you to is by Eric Madsen who is a Christian truck driver who had his paid for home taken away. He went to court and found himself fighting by the wrong rules. After losing his home he made the effort to find out the real laws and history of our country. His encouragement is for us all to know the laws for ourselves and provides links to the actual government documents for our nation.

My blog simply shares how Christ removed my anger by reminding me that my loyalties are with Him, not this government – which would be true even if this was a virtuous government, as well. I am a Team Law beneficiary, too. I will help you with further emails privately apart from this blog, as well.

Thanks for the input.

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