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Husbands Lay Down Your Life for your Wives

Published on: Mar 8, 2008

Eph 5:25
25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; (KJV)

While praying this morning a thought came to me from the Lord regarding laying down our lives for our wives. The usual thought that I have had based upon this verse is the extreme of dying on the cross. Or perhaps in modern terms, pushing my wife out of the way before being struck by a car, and dying as a result of being hit myself.

But those extreme actions never occur without the simple acts preceding it. The spirit of the verse is one of self denial towards one’s spouse. That is, in preferring her wants and needs over my own.

I have no further elaboration on this, but I know if God quickens something to me, then I should pay attention to it. Perhaps there is a reader in cyberspace who also needs this reminder. Defer to your wife. This is the expression of love that is understood by many women.

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Submitted on 03/24/2008

Good post Alex!

Submitted on 03/24/2008

Thanks, Joseph. The Spirit is a lot more simple than we sometimes think.

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