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Three Point Sermons

Making your point clearly is a great sermon.

Making your point clearly is a great sermon.

Posted on November 22, 2007

Homiletics is the art of crafting sermons. It is not concerned with content, but form. As a means of communication, it has its place, although it can suffocate a Word from the Lord if too much emphasis is placed upon the form.

Then there is the other side of preaching, no form at all. It is common amongst charismatics to think that being led by the Spirit is extemporaneous speaking. It is true that the Lord can speak prophetically extemporaneously, but sermons are not prophecy and need structure. Too often a charismatic speaker rambles instead of speaking by the Spirit.

So for those prone to ramble, I offer this 3 point outline.

  • Point number 1: know your point. Know it before you speak.
  • Point number 2: remember your point. Knowing what to say then digressing so much that you forget what you were to say is a waste of time.
  • Point number 3: make your point. Even if you remember what you want to say, don’t drag it out all day.

So, there you have it. A sure fire way of speaking without losing audience interest. Know your point, remember your point, and make your point.

2 to “Three Point Sermons”

  1. Amos Chishimba says:

    I would love to be helped in terms of sermon outlines and sermon manuscripts

  2. Alexander says:

    I don’t believe in sermons. This post was a joke.

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