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Marriage Amendment is Wrong Approach

The US Constitution is to limit government, not citizens
Posted on January 10, 2007 by Alexander
Over the last several years, the American church has been struggling to get a marriage amendment passed as a beach head against the civil unions of perverts. As a quick aside, we need to reclaim our English language. To concede to the usage of “gay”, “homophobe” and the other euphemisms of the politically correct is to give them credence and validity. Anyone who engages in sexual activity outside the marriage covenant of a man and woman is a pervert from God’s point of view. That includes heterosexual premarital activity. But I have digressed from the topic of the marriage amendment.

But the digression is not too far off. Marriage is not about the State. Marriage is about God and a man and a woman. We are so overwhelmed with State intrusions into our lives that we no longer realize what the intrusions are. Before 1830 in the continental United States, no one had a marriage license issued by the State. You were considered married when you made public vows before God and man in the church of marriage. The only written record of that vow would be the date of the marriage written in the family Bible. The State had no part in the ceremony.

However, before the Civil War there were inter-racial relationships that wanted to be recognized in marriage. This was called “miscegenation” and was considered an abomination by the church. For at that time they believed that the Bible prohibited inter-racial marriages. Like today’s homosexuals who are trying to gain official acceptance of their lifestyle, the miscenogenists sought State sanctification of those alliances. The State was more than happy to get involved. And that was the first intrusion of the State into marriage. Once the camel had its nose under the tent, then the next logical step from the State’s point of view, was to license marriages of men and women as well.

We are now so used to the arrangement we think a person is not married unless he has gotten the license from the State. In everyone’s mind, the State has subtly risen above God. Marriage between a man and woman stopped being a God given right, and has become a State given privilege that the State can also take away. A convenient position for the State for the divorce industry is a multi-million dollar industry where lawyers make most of that money. We have lost sight of the purpose of government. Government’s place is to defend us from enemy attack and to bring justice to crimes committed. Americans before the 1830’s understood this.

What does this mean for the Christian then? Like my previous post on Consenting Adults, it is between God and man as to what we do. If we disobey God in matters that do not affect others, then God will judge that person. Of course, for homosexuals to prey upon minors, or to force themselves upon adults would be criminal. But two consenting men who want to live in perversion have that right from God, for God will deal with them. We should have the attitude of Bible character who said that messiahs have come in the past and God was not with them, and they fell away and came to nothing. American Christians have more faith now in the State than they do in God in this matter.

What we really should be doing is repeal the State intrusion into marriage in the first place, and eliminate their issuance of marriage licenses at all. And we should also demand enforcement of the laws that already exist. The Texas sodomy laws were on the books for years before the Lawrence case came to the Supreme Court, but most Texans did not even realize that such a law existed that could and was contested. Speaking of Texas, common law marriage is still recognized in this state. Any couple who live together for more than 7 years are considered married already by the state.

The Constitution was written to restrain the government officials who might abuse their authority and power against the people. The thinking of proponents of the Marriage Amendment is that it would be in line with the Bill of Rights. However, if you re-read the Bill of Rights, every amendment is a restraint on government to the people, not a declaration of exclusive rights for one group of people. Furthermore, the 9th Amendment reserves all rights for the people that are not already mentioned in the Constitution. The Marriage Amendment is using the same tactic of the homosexuals of petitioning their rights from the State, when the State has no authority in such regard. The only proper constitutional amendment that could be made on marriage, would be that the government has no authority to interfere with marriage. That would mean they had no place in a heterosexual union, nor a homosexual union. That is exclusive domain of God and people. Sadly, Americans do not even know the Constitution anymore, nor the place of government. Now the government is in the middle of everything.

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