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In a previous article I pointed out that the non profit status that congregations obtain so that they may run a business in paying a staff and overhead has been a hindrance to the American being salt and light in our political arena. Recently, while passing a large church building, the Lord spoke to me unexpectedly and said “government church”. This startled me and opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the problem with the church in America today.

Years ago I changed my nomenclature regarding the public schools in realizing that all schools are “public” in that anyone may join them if they agree with the curriculum and can pay the tuition. Instead, those “public” schools are in fact, government schools. And the curriculum you get is government education with propaganda. Everything in the government schools promotes the government’s agenda.

So when the Lord said, “government church” I realized that the same thing happens there. The difference, of course, is that the government schools promote their agenda actively, whereas the government churches negate that which the government does not want said. The 501c3 non profit status prohibits the endorsements of candidates for office. But the impact of the threat of IRS reprisal to churches goes beyond the prohibition.

Pastors, wanting to keep their non-profit status so the congregation can deduct their contributions to the business, actively promote the support of the government. It is subtle, but it is persistent. How many times, dear reader, can you recall the pulpit of the many church businesses that you may have attended that used paying your taxes as an example of honesty and integrity. It is not mentioned that the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank and not a government entity, takes 100% of the income tax funds in payment for their usurious interest they charge the Federal Government (read that “taxpayer”) who “owes” them $12 Trillion Dollars to date? No mention (because of ignorance, I am sure) is made that the 16th Amendment, which authorizes Congress to impose an income tax, was never ratified by the states.

When the tax deduction was first offered the churches, most resisted the offer, seeing the strings attached that were not yet attached. But greed got the best of their judgment and they accepted it a decade later. Not until the 1950’s were the strings tied by Lyndon B Johnson who drafted a senate bill that prohibited 501c3 organizations from endorsing political candidates.

A trust fund could be set up for any church group that wanted to refuse the 501c3 status, yet gain the tax exemption. Ignorance of this may be part of the reason they do not, but I now believe that they want the excuse to say their hands are tied and can not speak out against the political corruption of the nation.

Believer, if you want to walk free in Christ, you need to leave the government churches.

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  1. Dan Richardson says:

    My blog site above is not published yet as I am working on it. I have read your above article and agree totally. I have left the government/Rome/run church and speak out about it vehemently to no avail. I live in bible-belt-buckle USA, Tennessee and try to get this message out along with the Great Deception message and no one wants to listen. It’s as if they’re all cursed. Maybe they all don’t pray enough to be counted worthy to escape the temptations of this present age I don’t know. But it’s obvious there are those of us who do. I would like to think the same spirit in this Watchman is in you. May I ask if it would be alright to count you as “brother” in Yeshua and link your site to mine when I launch in about a month? Please reply to the email listed above. Yours in His service,
    Dan Richardson

  2. Alexander says:

    I wrote that post some years ago. Government churches still have a place for baby Christians as they are limited to Grammar school discipleship for most believers. To stay in them after maturing provides limited opportunity to be used by the Lord to help other believers and provides no further discipleship for the mature believers. Go ahead and link to the article, but understand that I do not hold ill will towards them. They are still our brothers in Christ.

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