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The Works of Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee was a chinese believer at the turn of the 20th century who was instrumental in the house church movement in China today. He died in prison under the communist regime.

Watchman Nee (pinyin: Ní Tuòsh?ng;, 1903-1972) became a Christian in 1920 at the age of 17 and began writing in the same year. In 1921, he met the British missionary M. E. Barber, who was a great influence on him. Through Miss Barber, Nee was introduced to many of the Christian writings which were to have a profound influence on him and his teachings. Watchman Nee has written the most insightful books on true spirituality.

It should be noted that his early works are his best works. The writings from the end of his life made demands to submission to human authorities to be equivalent to God Himself. This controlling spirit was brought to the United States by his disciple, Witness Lee, who established cultic communities in southern California and other parts of the country. The works provided below are from the early period. If you want to read the cultic works of Watchman they are available from Living Streams Ministries at the end of their list.

The complete works of Watchman Nee are in HTML format
at Living Streams Ministries. The
volumes below were converted to PDF format for
complete download and easier reading. Watchman Nee
has some of the best works on genuine Christian
discipleship and in following the Spirit.

The Spiritual Man” is the most comprehensive
treatise on how to follow the Holy Spirit in the New
Birth. The book should be read in the order that
Watchman Nee has written for the most benefit in

  • The Spiritual Man Volume I

    (PDF 884 KB)
    Volume 1 deals with the need of cross in
    crucifying the flesh so as to follow the

  • The Spiritual Man Volume II

    (PDF 1.04MB)

    Volume 2 deals with detailed understanding of
    the human spirit and what the normal state of the
    regenerated spirit should be.

  • The Spiritual Man Volume III

    (PDF 938 KB)
    Volume 3 deals with the importance of the soul
    and the need for renewing of the mind to be a
    spiritual man.

  • The Breaking of the Outer Man & the Release of
    the Spirit

    (PDF 503KB)
    This is an excellent follow ups to the Spiritual
    Man. After understanding what it means to be a
    spiritual man, this next book explains the work of
    God in our lives to free us in the Spirit.

  • The Ministry of God’s Word

    (PDF 1.23MB)
    The purpose in sharing God’s Word is to share
    the life of Jesus Christ by His Spirit, not
    homiletics. A spiritual minister who has been
    broken by the Lord will speak the words of the

  • The Latent Power of the Soul

    (PDF 216KB)
    Professional clergy who rely on homiletics are
    in danger sharing a carnal ministry that relies on
    the power of persuasion which is drawn from their
    soul and not the Spirit.

  • The Normal Christian Church Life

    (PDF 800KB)

    The format of church gathering as we know it is
    not biblical. The biblical church had no pastor as
    we know today, although there were pastors. Rather
    the church gathering was a body ministry of
    everyone’s contribution by the Spirit.

  • How to Study the Bible
    (PDF 618 KB>

96 to “The Works of Watchman Nee”

  1. Christie A Ryker says:

    Good day, I’m looking for the ebook “Renewal of the mind” by Watchman Nee. I have over 50 hardcopies of his books. I have never seen this one in print. Please help.

  2. Alexander says:

    I sorry, I have not seen that one. Good luck.

  3. Ken says:

    feel I should also add my thought concerning W.Nee. I came to know about him when I read a book written by Rebecca Brown md, how books for Nee were used to deliver a person who was deep in occult satanism. The only problem I ve seen in us believers is we love ordinary teachings,if one tries to go deeper in spiritual understanding we label them. I believe if you ask Gods spirit to help you understand Nees writings you will understand them, but if read with a canal mind you find a lot of errors.He was a really soldier of christ, don’t try to compare him any other preacher because the ministries and calling are different, its like comparing Moses to Joshua or paul to peter. God really used this man to help us with a lot of spiritual insight.

  4. Alexander says:

    Agreed. I, too, have read Rebecca Brown’s works. I still have, “He Came to Set the Captives Free” on my bookshelf.

  5. Adrian says:

    Thank you for the mighty blessing of making these publications available in a digital format. I purchased my first Watchman Nee book 40 years ago – Living Sacrifice. His work “The Spiritual Man” is a monument to his deep and profound walk with Yahweh and Yashua. Nee’s works shed great light on the “narrow and difficult” path we must walk in our quest for full truth, salvation and a deep revelation of our Abba Father. Bless you for your gracious services to us!!

  6. Melinda says:

    OF THE MIND by Watchman Nee, can be found here:

  7. Ana Rivas says:

    Thank you so much for making these publications available for us to learn and broaden our understanding. It is the first time that I will be reading Watchman Nee’s books. May God bless your ministry. Blessings in Christ!

  8. Alexander says:

    You are welcome.

  9. Paul Widmark says:

    Here it is : Christie A Ryker says:
    June 25, 2015 at 5:07 am
    Good day, I’m looking for the ebook “Renewal of the mind” by Watchman Nee. I have over 50 hardcopies of his books. I have never seen this one in print. Please help.

    Alexander says:
    June 25, 2015 at 8:13 am
    I sorry, I have not seen that one. Good luck.

  10. Harold Thompson Richeys says:

    These books are a blessing to the church today and are very much more relevant to us now. I am really blessed to have them. Thank you

  11. Alexander says:

    You’re welcome. I am glad you appreciate the library.

  12. T.Ramesh says:

    I’m very satisfied with watchmanee books.I received deliverance from wrong teachings and I want to read all of watchmanee books.

  13. Alexander says:

    Not all his books are good. In his later years he became much more controlling and authoritarian which is evident in those later writings.

  14. Ravi Xavier says:

    Surely I agree with your said.

  15. EZEKIEL S.O says:


  16. Alexander says:

    Sorry, I don’t have that.

  17. pstr david mahlangu says:

    I was introduced to watchman nees books by a friend pstr ever sience after knowing the deeper help in his books now im teaching the church im pastoring

  18. Minister Maxine Fox says:

    I had the book but I am not sure where it is now and would live to read and get knowledge of the word of God. Thank you so much. Agape Shalom.

  19. Watchman Nee has been mistakenly described as a for authoritarian and controlling. What readers must keep in mind, is that his books were translated from Chinese notes of his sermons and teachings. And of course the carnal mind is enmity against God. Anytime it is preached that complete and full obedience to God is scriptural, the carnal mind is instantly against that word of God. Of course many of his followers did not have the wisdom to lead as servants and not tyrants. Watchman Nee, unlike witness Lee did not Pastor a flock… He was more of an apostle and evangelist. Of course the word of God is viewed as authoritarian! What the carnal mind once to excuse the Flash in order not to believe that it is possible… With man it is impossible but With God all things are possible! To completely come out of the world system would seem to be cultic and separatist, and that is why people will not completely agree with these teachings,
    but they are biblical!

  20. Alexander says:

    Thank you Steven for your thoughts. In my own reading, such authoritarian tones do not appear until his much later writings. But the amount of good in his writing far out weighs what is bad.

  21. Darryl says:

    I have over 70 of Nee’s books in print form. I have appreciated his writings over the last 40 or so years. Is there any chance of his books ever being available in mobi or epub format? That would be a tremendous help to believers. Another christian author I appreciate is T.Austin Sparks and all of his works are free in mobi and epub. Only eternity will reveal the impact of the lives of these two men.

  22. Alexander says:

    I agree with you Darryl. Some of Nee’s books have copyrights on them still. The disciples of Witness Lee have a website called, Living Streams Ministries, have most of his works online in HTML format. For the books I have on my website, I copied them from the HTML then cross referenced with my print copies before making them PDF format. Try their website for more of his books in electronic format.

  23. Barbara Schwartz says:

    My name is Barbara Schwartz- my husband Steve is the director of 19 bible-based Ministries. In our library we used to have the spiritual man as one of the favorites and right now we don’t have any so we were wondering how we could go about getting a few for our centers. We would be more than happy to make a donation or even if this is not possible, where would you recommend me purchasing this book online as we have no Christian book stores available within a 150-mile radius!! We are a nonprofit organization so if you could steer me in a direction where I could get the best deal that would be great! God Bless you & Thank you for your time. Barbara Schwartz -Mission Teens, Inc./ Mission Bible Training Center- Gaastra, MI

  24. Alexander says:

    I do not accept donations since the Gospel is a free gift from God. Freely we received and freely we give. The entire 3 volumes are online in my website library as PDF E-books for free. If you want to buy paperback copies, you can buy it online through Amazon.

  25. mark says:

    pleas send me opy of of watchman nee the spiritual man and one copy of spiritual e mail is

  26. Alexander says:

    There is no need to send these. Simply download them from my library.

  27. Bolaji says:

    I have it send me your email on

  28. Joby joseph says:

    Good to have these copies of watch man net’s books. God may bless you

  29. tantang Elvis says:

    I need a link where i can down load all watchman nee books for free

  30. Alexander says:

    You can not download all Watchman Nee books. There are many that still have copyright protection. I already have the Living Streams Ministry website linked on my page. They provide many books, but even there you will see books listed that they can not include.

  31. Samuel Wesley says:

    I am much obliged for such a great opportunity to have these copies of Watchman Nee books. Thanks so much and remain blessed.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me for any relevant information

  32. Alexander says:

    You are welcome.

  33. Victor Alao says:

    In this Kingdom, we don’t understand to believe but we believe first in order to understand as the Lord said in Luke , if anyone WILL DO his will, he will know his doctrine. This path becomes narrower as you go and clearer as you progress. The fact that you can’t comprehend a truth does not mean it is not true rather it’s an indicator that you need to buckle up in laying aside weights to comprehend such true as by the Spirit of God. As Paul said to not judge before the time. Even many writings of Paul are still ignorantly understood today. Pls, admin should see in coordinating people’s expressions as to be flexible. Many believed Stephen died of the sharpness of word he spoke. However, the bible records he was full of Holy Ghost and faith and that they could not resist the wisdom by which he spake. Watchman New was only a messenger who only relayed the message giving to him. Like I said because you don’t see it does not mean it does not exist or it is not like the way it is said just like we have unbelievers (including ), carnal believers and also spirit-filled believers because of our perspective of spiritual realities which happen to be planely undividedly one- Jesus. Let’s continue to remove the veil off our faces so that we can see greater glory of the Lord even as by the Spirit. Brethren, there are depths in the path, you can’t know them by ordinary knowledge but by experience even as the scriptures reach us. I’m not defending Watchman Nee neither I’m I disputing the fact that he Became controlling but this I see to establish, DON’T JUST SEE BY YOURSELF, LET THE SPIRIT TEACH YOU HOW TO SEE. THEN, YOU CAN BE SO SURE YOU HAVE SEEN CORRECTLY AND REMEMBER WE SEE AND KNOW IN PART. Even if He made mistake, let the Lord be the judge of his faithfulness to the truth given him to profit. However, his mistake does not negate the truth given to him as the scriptures say yiu can nothing against the truth but for the truth, it’s the handler of such that determines the effectiveness realised. I pray we all remain faithful in handling what has been committed into our hands to be a proven good and faithful servant before him. Remember, nobody sees it all but everybody sees it if we put out pieces together. You don’t see it at all does not mean it’s not there, you don’t see it that way does not mean it is not IT.

  34. Alexander says:

    If I did not believe in the value of his writings, I would not include his books.

  35. pieter says:

    Good day Sir/Mam could you please email me a copy as well? God bless

  36. Alexander says:

    No. Simply download.

  37. Omomowo Mercy Mayowa says:

    I am looking for the e-book sit, stand, walk, by watchman need. PLS notify me if you have it.

  38. Tsega says:

    Thank you for those books of Watchman Nee above. they are 8 and I already down loaded them. can I get other books of him please. Thank you and stay blessed in Jesus name!!

  39. Steve Anselm says:

    I am writing this because I am concerned about the translation printed by Living Stream Ministries. I have read The Spiritual Man published by Christian Fellowship Publishers, 1977 and they are radically different. The Living Stream version really takes away from the original translation that I have. The prefaces are different. The wording is different; but the spirit of it is different. My spirit is troubled. This is a different Watchman Nee and I don’t think he would be pleased.

    There are many instances I could quote here but in Volume 3 the heaviest, deepest teachings regarding Satan are covered. Nee never teaches that believers can be possessed and never uses this wording but the Living Stream version says believers can be possessed by Satan. For example in CHAPTER THREE THE MISCONCEPTION OF THE BELIEVERS, Nee uses the term “giving ground to evil spirits” where the LS version states, “possessed by the demons”. The new version is so very different from the CFP version that I had a hard time matching up sentences to interpret the differences.

    Maybe you already know this, but if you didn’t, please check it out and discover how Nee’s amazing work is being twisted into a man made monstrosity.

  40. Alexander says:

    I did not know this and I will take a look at it. I read the Spiritual Man from a book originally, and was delighted to find an online copy at Living Streams. However, I did not proof read the two for discrepancies. I am aware of the cultic bent in in Witness Lee, but it is also true in Watchman Lee’s later writings. Thank you for pointing this out.

  41. Vedran says:

    Which ones?
    His life and actions say differently than your comment..

  42. Vedran says:

    All Original writtings of Nee were given by him to his closest cooperator Witnes Lee.Nee only trusted Lee to faitfully continue in revelation of the Scriptures
    Others had their ambitions before building of the Body of Christ as paul commanded
    It is impossible to see and receive the FULL benefit of nees ministry without being connected with those who continue in that revelation of experience

  43. Vedran says:

    All Original writtings of Nee were given by him to his closest cooperator Witnes Lee.Nee only trusted Lee to faitfully continue in revelation of the Scriptures
    Others had their ambitions before building of the Body of Christ as paul commanded
    It is impossible to see and receive the FULL benefit of nees ministry without being connected with those who continue in that revelation of experience..
    Revelation and exlerience of Christ will grow as we accept the Body of believers

  44. Alexander says:

    It has been years since I have read his works, so I can not say off the top of my head. Only that I remember a sense of frustration in his later writings in his inability to control others.

  45. Alexander says:

    You err in your thinking. The understanding of followers is not the same as the originator of the teaching. Look at what Calvin believed in his Institutes, then consider how his followers distilled his teaching at the synod of Dort with their now famous TULIP. Likewise, Peter and the other apostles walked with Christ for 3 years, yet Christ had to raise a man who did not participate in his incarnate teaching, Paul, to explain further to Peter what Jesus actually meant.

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