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The Works of Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee was a chinese believer at the turn of the 20th century who was instrumental in the house church movement in China today. He died in prison under the communist regime.

Watchman Nee (pinyin: Ní Tuòsh?ng;, 1903-1972) became a Christian in 1920 at the age of 17 and began writing in the same year. In 1921, he met the British missionary M. E. Barber, who was a great influence on him. Through Miss Barber, Nee was introduced to many of the Christian writings which were to have a profound influence on him and his teachings. Watchman Nee has written the most insightful books on true spirituality.

It should be noted that his early works are his best works. The writings from the end of his life made demands to submission to human authorities to be equivalent to God Himself. This controlling spirit was brought to the United States by his disciple, Witness Lee, who established cultic communities in southern California and other parts of the country. The works provided below are from the early period. If you want to read the cultic works of Watchman they are available from Living Streams Ministries at the end of their list.

The complete works of Watchman Nee are in HTML format
at Living Streams Ministries. The
volumes below were converted to PDF format for
complete download and easier reading. Watchman Nee
has some of the best works on genuine Christian
discipleship and in following the Spirit.

The Spiritual Man” is the most comprehensive
treatise on how to follow the Holy Spirit in the New
Birth. The book should be read in the order that
Watchman Nee has written for the most benefit in

  • The Spiritual Man Volume I

    (PDF 884 KB)
    Volume 1 deals with the need of cross in
    crucifying the flesh so as to follow the

  • The Spiritual Man Volume II

    (PDF 1.04MB)

    Volume 2 deals with detailed understanding of
    the human spirit and what the normal state of the
    regenerated spirit should be.

  • The Spiritual Man Volume III

    (PDF 938 KB)
    Volume 3 deals with the importance of the soul
    and the need for renewing of the mind to be a
    spiritual man.

  • The Breaking of the Outer Man & the Release of
    the Spirit

    (PDF 503KB)
    This is an excellent follow ups to the Spiritual
    Man. After understanding what it means to be a
    spiritual man, this next book explains the work of
    God in our lives to free us in the Spirit.

  • The Ministry of God’s Word

    (PDF 1.23MB)
    The purpose in sharing God’s Word is to share
    the life of Jesus Christ by His Spirit, not
    homiletics. A spiritual minister who has been
    broken by the Lord will speak the words of the

  • The Latent Power of the Soul

    (PDF 216KB)
    Professional clergy who rely on homiletics are
    in danger sharing a carnal ministry that relies on
    the power of persuasion which is drawn from their
    soul and not the Spirit.

  • The Normal Christian Church Life

    (PDF 800KB)

    The format of church gathering as we know it is
    not biblical. The biblical church had no pastor as
    we know today, although there were pastors. Rather
    the church gathering was a body ministry of
    everyone’s contribution by the Spirit.

  • How to Study the Bible
    (PDF 618 KB>

96 to “The Works of Watchman Nee”

  1. ABBEY says:


  2. D.Vergin Kumar says:

    You are a blessing. The Spiritual Man by Watchmannee, is a great blessing for me. Thank you very much.

  3. Alexander says:

    Thank you. Watchman Nee transformed my life in Christ, too.

  4. Jesudamilare says:

    Thanks a million for these resources. We trust the Lord to reveal in eternity how much impact they made to His Body. God bless you!

  5. Alexander says:

    You are welcome.

  6. Berhanu says:

    Nee is a wonderful brother who drew me closer to the light of God.

  7. Alexander says:

    Yes, especially his early works. I dismiss his later works, however, because he clearly became frustrated in trying to control believers. Christ does not control us, neither are we to control others.

  8. Joseph Asoh says:

    The Normal Christian Life is a tremendous Spiritual volume…just reading it has changed my life inside out! God bless all who continue to make Nee’s books available.

  9. Vicky Upah says:

    Thank you so very much for all of these pulications. I am so very grateful. I have looked for these books all my life. Now my soul can be ignited again. God bless and reward you.

  10. Alexander says:

    You are welcome, Vicky. I hope they help everyone in their walk with Christ.

  11. Terfa says:

    This must be one of my greatest moments. i have been looking for the works of this great matyre.Am vry much greatful.

  12. Dr Watson says:

    Thank you for the resources ..

  13. seluhinga says:

    thank you:watchman nee really transformed my life to Jesus Christ

  14. Nain Discerner says:

    Hi I love Watchman nee’s material but i beleive they’ve to be read cautiously like the Bereans who took the Bible and made sure what was taught corresponded 100% , the book “the latent power of the soul” is not one i personally would recommend as the only power we ever have in us is God’s we were not created with any other , thats why i feel caution is necessary in reading either Watchman Nee or any of his followers, thanks
    Discernment in the Church

  15. Alexander says:

    I agree with you. Everything should be read in the light of Spirit. Especially his later works where he became much more controlling, thus set the ground for the cultic activity of Witness Lee. However, regarding the latent power of the soul I think you misunderstand the power of the flesh controlled by demonic activity, which is my understanding of his work. Nor would I categorically dismiss anything simply because it does not fit my theology. God and his creation is greater than I ability to comprehend.

  16. Ayeni Isaac says:

    I thank God for the works of Watchman Nee that the spirit within me is able to decode with time, Lord, let me be able to grow with time into those revelations that are still hard for me now, take me beyond milk, let my spirit be matured to chew the strong meat You provide through Watchman nee.

  17. Abraham Bayo says:

    The church of Christ will for ever be grateful to this ministry for promoting the gospel of Christ. Pls keep the flag flying. Kudos!

  18. femi williams says:

    thanks for this books for making them available. shalom!.

  19. Peter says:

    Thanks for availing Watchman Nee’s books all together.I have been looking for them.I thank God for your work.Blessings and power!

  20. minnie says:
    Please visit this link its very helpful indeed
    God bless you

  21. Alexander says:


    I have included your link, even though you are link building your website. In general I would not approve a comment that has little to say regarding what I have put on my own website. However, I know the history of Witness Lee who was the surviving disciple of Watchman Nee and had come to California. The writings of Watchman Nee in his later years are clearly the ground work for controlling cultic behavior that Witness Lee brought into the USA. For this reason I approved your link. I believe Watchman Nee had some of the greatest spiritual insight and understanding on how to discern the Spirit that any Christian writer ever had. But one can not follow Truth without recognizing his failures in his end, too. This is not to diminish his good work, but to warn readers of his errors in his later works. I am looking forward to reading John Meyer’s book, which your link leads to. If after reading the book I am disapprove, this comment and link will be removed.

  22. Daniel says:

    I think there is nothing greater than knowing Christ and being a vesel to him.And Watchman Nee is a luck brother in this aspect,i thank God for him.Thx Alex

  23. Abuoma Boanerges says:

    In few words,I say that W.Nee was a man who walked with God,and through his works,though long dead,he still speaks by faith to the body of Christ.
    His kind is very much rare to find these days,and I wish God could send one more WATCHMAN NEE to our sin-stricken,ignorant generation.
    Many thanks for those who took the burden upon them to see that this truth are still available to hungry Africans like me by putting it on the internet not withstanding the challenges.May God reward you here and hereafter.

  24. Alexander says:

    You are welcome.

  25. Remi Afolabi says:

    Thank you and God bless you for this resources of W. Nee. I have been looking for this and almost fed up until I came to this site this morning. I have read through several comments of men disapproving W. Nee writings. All I know is that W.Nee is a man of God and and he has given us adequate spiritual insight to know the truth and be free. If you find any word inaccurate with the bible, my counsel is to drop it and move on. There are much spiritual bones embedded in his writings which I belief is much needed in this generation of milk and fast food seekers..

  26. Alexander says:

    Negative comments against Watchman Nee are justified regarding his later works where his frustration in wanting to control Chinese believers led to the works of Witness Lee who whole heartedly sought to dominate his followers to his views. But we should never throw the baby out with the bath water. Watchman’s early works are ground breaking and rooted in the Spirit and the Bible.

  27. Ayeni Isaac says:

    I thank God for Watchman Nee, I thank God for Witness Lee; I thank God for “THESE THAT HAVE TURNED THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN …” (Acts 17:6). Men that advance the kingdom of Christ are always common Men doing uncommon things commonly. But uncommon things done commonly made the noble Jews in Berea to seek more of Christ, while it made the Jews in Thessalonica to say this is “CULTISM”. Oh! May the secret things in W. Nee & W. Lee become revelations unto us & generations to come in Jesus name (Deut 29:29).

  28. Daniel Khatri says:

    Prayer can penetrate ground like china and India, our Living Saviour can re raise men like brother watchman nee and brother Bakthsing.
    Let’s pray God may raise the five folds offices;Eph 4:11-13
    All glory goes to God for unfathomable work of Gods servants.
    Praise the Lord

  29. benjamin quaye says:

    May the Lord grant us many more of Watchman Nee’s in our generation who will help our generation pursue the genda of our Master and Saviour Jesus Christ . Amen

  30. Alexander says:

    The greatest man of God that I know of is Andrew Wommack. Listen to him and you will gain straight forward practical truth on the power of God and living by the spirit and in holiness.

  31. Emmanuel says:

    plsss i would advise pple to listen to andrew wommack he indeed has d wrd of God 2 gve 2 ds generation & his messages are free on his website so tke gud advantage of it & ur walk with d Lord Jesus won’t be d same

  32. Alexander says:


    “Please, I would advise people to listen to Andrew Wommack. He, indeed, has the Word of God to give to this generation and his messages are free on his website. So take good advantage of it and your walk with the Lord Jesus won’t be the same.”

    I totally agree with you. I wondered at first why you posted your comment on Watchman Nee’s page, but I do not have an “Andrew Wommack” page, and Nee is the best author on understanding body, soul and spirit. Wommack is the best teacher on how to walk in the power of the Spirit. Thank you for your endorsement.

  33. Rich Adeyemi says:

    Thank you for these materials of Watchman Nee. This is what many confused people like myself in the body of Christ GREATLY need today.
    I also want to thank you Benjamin for pointing our attention to the man of God, Andrew Wommack. Thumbs up to you guys.

  34. Gbenga says:

    Watchman nee actualy had unparallel revelation of d word….but d fact remains lyk Paul he wud ve conceal some revelations that seems unlawful to be exposed…. Paul also caught some revelations dat if he had reveald dem it wud av been causin a kinda controversy now. But Watchman nee reveald many thingz whch I blv are true but cud ve been kept so dat weaker christian wud nt stumble…. Watchman nee is arguably d greatest seer of the word in his own tym…… I love his materials till tomorow…. Apart from wanting to see Jesus and biblical patriachs he is anoda person I want to c in heaven….shalom

  35. Alexander says:

    Agreed. His writings transformed my walk from religious to spiritual.

  36. Gbenga says:

    As rgads the issue of Watchman nee tryin to control or stamp a kinda authority on Chinese christian,I understnd sumtin (am nt dfendin him pls,we all av a weakness or two). What Watchman nee detested was denominationalism as it has exploded in our own tym byond measure. He blivd dat we can only av The Church of God in Shangai,Fochow,Califonia,Nigeria,Washington e.t.c… So indeed I chekd the scripture and found it true. Truely Watchman nee not takin side wit denominationalism is justifiable. However God cannot be quantified. In His unwaverin knowledge He knows why He allows different movement of different century dat birthed procreation of Churches. Watchman nee only longed for restoration of the church bak to d original state… I tink you now understand his frustration at some point of his ministry. Althogh I blv he may nt av caught God’s purpose in allowin different revival movements dat brot denominations….. So I advice dat u dismiss some of his books on soulical power if it confuses u. But if you understand d context they are rare gem. The lord cometh soon! Shalom

  37. Alexander says:

    Everyone believes that they are trying to bring in the true kingdom of God. However, the kingdom is God, which means that it is his character. No matter what sincere motive a person may have, when that person tries to control another person or groups of people, he is no longer acting in the character of God. God does not control us, He only informs us, then gives us the freedom to accept or reject Him. I am not building a case against Watchman Nee, only acknowledging his failure in his latter days of ministry.

  38. Gbenga says:

    thank you n God bless you real good

  39. Daniel says:

    Watchman Nees book the latent power of the soul is true. What he says about the soul power is true. To ignore this is asking for trouble.

  40. Alexander says:

    Agreed. I believe it is an important work that further helps in understanding the difference between soul and spirit.

  41. Gbenga says:

    God will help us all….what is important for us is to make it to our eternal home at last and not to miss our reward. Watchman nee hsa left an indelble blue print, it is left for you and I to keep the banner of the faith of our Fathers flying….shalom

  42. Alexander says:


    God has already helped us all, but we have the responsibility to believe what He has already done. I encourage you to listen to Andrew Wommack for more information.

  43. Gbenga says:

    Yes Alex……..’help’ here implies making us know the riches of His calling. These men we are talking about understood dere’s. We believe based on revelation or else our faith is absurd. So may God help us see more and know him more. I ll try to follow the link u recomended tho. Thank you so very much

  44. stephen says:

    praise the lord for His revelation of Cross and Holy spirit through His Servant

  45. Linus Lawrence says:

    thank you for all these materials, you are actually changing lives. remain blessed.!

  46. Cathleen says:

    Years ago I had a copy of Watchman Nee’s Spiriual Man. Next to my Bible, the book became well worn with dog eared pages and such. Up until 14 years ago I was very nomadic and some how when moving I missplaced the book. Presently, the Lord has been moving very mightly in my life, the spirit prompted me to seek an intenet site with his writings and have been returning frequently. I have been blessed. thank you.

  47. Alexander says:

    You are welcome. The Spiritual Man began my own journey in understanding true spirituality.

  48. Martin says:

    I first read the Spiritual Man in 1978.I studied it for about a year. at the time I was a baby Christian. It was said of me through prophecy around this time that I was a man after God’s own heart. This had great influence on my attitude and diligence to be just this.
    The year now is 2014 almost done. I recently decided to purchase The Spiritual Man once again. I never knew of the controversy of Mr. Nee’s latter life, I just knew of the power of the correctness in the doctrine represented in this book. So I applied it as I understood it.
    This I will say regarding the body of Christ. The body is made up of human beings, connected together by a nervous system which is communicated into by the mind of Christ. The head of the body is Christ, and is also the mind of Christ. Each of us in this body has a part and through the communication of Christ expresses Christ’s will as Christ will’s it to be expressed. My great concern which I encourage all who read this to consider is summed up in James when he wrote. “But be ye doers of the word and not forgetful hearers only thereby deceiving yourselves”. I will couple this with the word of our Lord Jesus Christ when he said ” Come unto me all ye who are burdened and heavily ladened and take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light, and you shall find rest for your souls. Now consider if the Lord Jesus’ burden is light and his yoke is easy ,then what exactly is it? Well let me take you to one of his commands, an important one. He said “consider the flowers of the field which neither toil nor spin and are here today and gone tomorrow, and I tell you that Solomon in all his glory was not clothed as beautiful as one of these. If God so clothed the flowers of the field which are here today and gone tomorrow how much more will he clothed you oh you men of little faith.
    Now the commanding word in this saying the lord spoke (the thing he is telling you to do”)is consider. The word consider means to give complete attention to, think through completely study and know it in its entirety. Well this is a very light burden. How can you do this unless you go into the field day after day and look at the flowers of the field and give complete attention to them? and oh my will you discover the rich blessing Christ offered to all who actually do this? my testimony is from doing it yes. Amazing thing is each day a new flower will be found, and the flower you so studiously considered the day before will not be found. Some will be there throughout the season but only a few; the mass majority will be there but one day and one day only. The other thing you will experience is the assurance that you are doing the word of Lord, and you are experiencing first hand how light this burden is and how easy this yoke is. Furthermore communion with the Lord will be established. It is time well spent. Now if you do not know the word of God ,then it is impossible to do it. The first step in doing it is knowing it. Then you may apply your will to do the word. As you do it ,the spirit of God within you leads you, teaches you and you have no need that any man teach you but the holy Spirit leads you into all truth. It actually was the holy spirit who asked me back in 1978 what does the word consider mean? And from looking it up in the dictionary I saw what my Lord was telling me to actually do. By doing the word I find a great hunger to do the word. The word I have yet to see in practice is the Apostle Paul’s admonishment ,speak to one another in psalms and hymns making melody in your heart before the Lord. I really want to see the fruit and effect on the body of Christ which actually does this.
    I am not an ardent follower of Watchman Nee. I am an ardent follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not a follower of Paul, I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I seek to know his word and by knowing it apply myself to do it. This includes mortifying the deeds of the flesh, this includes by the spirit putting sin to death upon the cross. This includes repenting of any sin which I so despise and seeking its mortification and also knowing my responsibility that it was my own wayward thought, or my eye looking upon and being captured by a lustful thought. Or my ear hearing a thought which I should submit to the spirit to be mortified.
    I am not going to go into an expository of attempting to elaborate on all of the needed teachings, doctrines, and admonishments of the prophets, the teachings of Solomon, David , our Christ and the apostle’s doctrine. Suffice it to say each man must work out his own Salvation in fear and in trembling. I will say seek to know by honest with yourself by asking yourself this question. Do I do the word ? I will confess I discover and repent and do seek to know the word ,and test myself to see if I actually do it or am just hearing it, the forgetful hearer I do not desire to be. Actually I delight each time I get the opportunity to become an habitual doer and it is this word which commands me to do this and that which I use as my empowerment to be free to do what it tells me to do. And yes the spirit is strong and alive and speaks quite often intuitively to me, and yes quite often it requires me to stop and discern, and quite often it requires a multitude of different restraints, forward activity and wrestling with our adversary the Devil.
    I think one of the reason’s Watchman Nee may have failed in his latter years is he did not heed all of the word, one word which is all important is do not let a novice be a leader etc… Many are called but few are chosen.
    to be chosen requires at least in my own personal experience 37 years of discipleship before my Lord. I truly thought I had missed it, and now I see myself as a prisoner of the Lord, bound in the spirit to be where I am and also to do what he says to do. So now the fear of the Lord has become real and completely powerful in guarding me regarding every thought which would attempt to lead me.
    I will close with, Peter gird the loins of your mind with the truth.
    Bless everyone of you, dive into the rich depths of our king, and our God ,you lords of the lord of lords, you kings of the king of kings, you shepherds of the most high God ,you ministers of helps, trust in the lord with all of your heart lean not into your own understanding, in all of your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.
    And do not let Satan accuse you or condemn you for mistakes and or sins and or rebellions, but rather tell him to shut up, There is therefore now no condemnation for them who are in Christ Jesus and called according to his purpose. Learn quick to silence Satan, learn quick to discern him. Do the word, know your adversary. By knowing him you have power to detect his movements and also power to know how to defeat him. Ahhhh I am going on and on be at peace.

  49. Alexander says:

    Brother Martin, thank you for your comment. You have much to say. You need to set up your own blog.

  50. Tsega says:

    Oh..Watchman Nee is the great Son of God. I really appreciated His Works, Books. they are really a spirit filled life
    tools to be new-transformation. they are really a teaching materials from the Lord. I also thank you all

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