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E-Book Library by Chronology

As believers in Christ, we owe it to ourselves and our posterity to know the great writings of the saints past. The books put in the library of Free the Church are documents
that address sacred cows of the church today, and what genuine Christian discipleship should be.”

1st Century

The Didachae (PDF 30KB)

1st Century Anonymous guide for dealing with intenerant ministers.

Septuagint (4.5 MB)

1st Century BC Old Testament tranlsated into Greek

12th Century

Nobla Lecon (PDF 117KB)

12th Century Waldenese encouragement for persecution.

St Bernard of Clairvaux

12th Century On Loving God a devotional classic.

14th Century

Johannes Tauler

14th Century The Inner Way and Theologica Germanica German mystical sermons and theology.

15th Century

Geneva Bible, The

15th Century Classic Reformation Bible

Thomas A Kempis

15th Century Imitation of Christ, devotional classic.

16th Century

Martin Luther

16th Century The 95 Thesis that sparked the Protestant Reformation

17th Century

Brother Lawrence

17th Century Practice the Presence of God (PDF 61KB)

John Bunyan

17 Century Puritan preacher imprisoned for preaching without a license. In prison Bunyan wrote “Pilgrim’s Progress” which is an allegory for the journey of the Christian through life into the Kingdom of God.

Jabobus Arminius

17th Century Dutch Reformer who championed free will.

18th Century

Annotated U.S. Constitution (PDF 480 KB)

18th Century US Constitution with notes indicating changes through history

19th Century

Organic Act of 1878 (PDF 3.17 MB)

19th Century Congressional act that incorporated DC into the corporation called “The US government”

R.A. Torrey

19th Century How to Pray – learning to pray through.

Charles Henry Parkhurst

19th Century Presbyterian minister who stopped the corruption in New York City.

Philip Schaff

19th Century Church historian who in 8 volumes tells the history of the church.

Frederick Bastiat

19th Century The Law An explanation of why we have governments in the first place

Alexander Hislop

19th Century Scottish minister who studied Mystery Babylon in the Catholic church.

James Aitken Wylie

19th Century Church historian who in 3 volumes tells the history of Protestantism.

EW Bullinger

19th Century Author of Witness of the Stars

20th Century

T. Austin-Sparks

20th Century British writer who understood the corporate body of Christ.

Watchman Nee

20th Century Chinese writer who mastered the understanding of spirituality.

Bretton Woods Agreement (PDF 154 KB)

20th Century International treaty that established the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank, and the quit claim of the US to the UN with the Federal Reserve Notes agreed to be the international currency for petroleum sale.

Quigley, Caroll

20th Century Georgetown University history teacher who wrote extensively on the growth of the New World Order beginning with the 19th century and ending in 1966.

Orwell, George

20th Century Fabian Society writer who illustrated a horrific totalitarian society with constant surveillance of Big Brother that brain washed dissidents.

C. Gregg Singer

20th Century Unholy Alliance – Federal/National Council of Churches and communism

Gary North

20th Century Honest Money – biblical view of economics
Conspiracy a Biblical View – biblical view of the conspiracy towards globalism.

Tommy Nelson

20th Century Song of Solomon Biblical guide to love, sex, romance and marriage

Alexander Douglas

20th Century That Which Was Lost – Creation science view of the first 9 chapters of Genesis. (PDF 13.8 MB)

Arthur Koestler

20th Century The Thirteenth Tribe – Documentation of Khazar origins of Ashkenazi Jews. (PDF 1.56 MB)

21st Century

Temple Institute

21 Century Illustrated Tour of the Temple Jewish organization in Israel preparing the 3rd Temple gives tour of the Herodian Temple.

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