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As believers in Christ, we owe it to ourselves and our posterity to know the great writings of the saints past. The books put in the library of Free the Church are documents that address what genuine Christian discipleship should be, as well as what really makes the world run.

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  1. Bintu Jedidiah says:

    Actually i was just checking with you to see if it’s possible for you to help me with an E-Bible Dictionary? am currently living in an island called Tonga it’s located near Australia and we do not have Christian book shops around here, so am really in need of a Bible Dictionary for my daily study as well as my preaching ministry. If the Lord uses you to be the one through whom i can get it then i will give lots of thanks to Jesus for you and your good work online as i have been doing ever since i first came across your online ministry!! by the way God bless you so much for all the powerful books that you have taken the burden to find and put online for us to download freely; God really bless you brother. Allow me to say bye for now and am looking forward to your reply by God’s grace in Jesus name. Bintu Jedidiah

  2. Alexander says:

    What an encouraging thing to say! Thank you. The E-Books that I have online are books that are in the public domain. Bible Dictionaries have copyrights still, as far as I know. If I stumble upon one past the copy right time lines, I will try to get it up in e-book form. Most of the books I have, someone else made. The one book I worked on was the Two Babylons. This text is online but lacked the Greek and Latin notes of the original, which I transcribed for the PDF version. Check around. There are some very good Bible resources online, and I am sure there are Bible Dictionaries up by the holders of the copyrights.

  3. Brian Mallalieu says:

    Greetings Bintu, and a blessing to read of your hunger & thirst for study of God’s scriptures. I just wonder if you are aware of the free Bible Study software ‘e-sword’, which you can download? If you type the name into Google (or equivalent) you should be led to the website & download instructions. Once loaded, if you select ‘Download’ in the main menu, you will get listings of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, devotions, graphics and reference books — some of which are free and some have a copyright premium. In the latter group I can well recommend Jon Courson’s NT commentary, which has quite transformed my personal daily QT, and is both open to the Spirit’s leading and gifting and also lovingly personal! You can also download a free Guide telling you how to use the many facilities. Blessings.

  4. Alexander says:

    Thank you for the recommendation to use E-Sword. I have it and use, too, and it is a product that should be used by all believers serious about Bible study.

  5. philemon says:

    very good.

    unexpectedly first time i visited FTC, very useful to build up spiritual life.

    god bless u

  6. Nirmal says:

    Thank u for the resources

  7. Patrick Winn says:

    There are many, many Bible Dictionary’s that are no longer under copyright. Here is one, but if you don’t like this one, keep looking:

  8. Alexander says:

    Thank you Patrick. An online copy is a good resource. It is kind of a shame that these free materials are sold in packages within Bible software programs.

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