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Years ago when I was still a new Christian I worked in the Jewish Community Center in New Orleans coaching gymnastics. I attended a small congregation which called themselves, Praise Fellowship in Algiers. We had a miracle service where I saw arms and legs grow for the first time.

This really got me pumped. I thought, “Perhaps my kids have uneven arms and legs. I will pray for their arms and legs to grow so that they can tumble better.”

So the next class I taught, I lined the kids up against the wall and measured their arms and legs. Sure enough there were kids whose arms and legs were uneven. And when I prayed, they grew.

However, there was a mother named, Ginger, who really got ticked off that I would take time to pray for the kids. And, of course, the name of Jesus is not a big hit at the Jewish Community Center. She complained, and I was fired.

I had a friend who owned a Christian bookstore that I used to hang out with. Having lost my job, I could not pay rent and I asked her what could I do? She told me that I was serving the Lord, therefore I had the right to demand from God provision. It struck me as odd to demand anything from God, but I was still a babe in Christ, so I followed her suggestion.

The Lord answered that prayer. A fellow attending the congregation, Praise Fellowship, owned many duplexes. He heard about my situation and graciously offered me free rent in one of his empty duplexes. I just had to pay the utilities.

I stayed there a year with free rent. It never occurred to me that God could provide for me by removing an expense. I moved out when I found a job on St. Charles coaching gymnastics and the owner of the gym gave me an apartment to live in as part of my salary.

About 5 years later, I visited Victory Assembly of God in Metairie and saw Ginger dancing on the platform. I was dumbfounded to say the least. When the music session was over, I approached her during the Meet and Greet. She was greatly embarrassed to see me. She remembered getting me fired. I was delighted to find out that she was a believer. She told me that after I was fired, she met a Christian man who she began dating. He led her to Christ.

I can’t say that my praying for those children brought her to Christ, but I do believe that I had a part. In this story I saw the fruit of my ministry 5 years later. We may never know about other people that we impact for Christ on the job, but we can be sure that the Word of the Lord never returns void.

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