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Teaching by Discussion

Steve Atkerson

The New Testament Restoration Foundation (NTRF)

This teaching on Interactive Teaching on MP3 files was created by Steve Atkerson who has given every permission to freely to copy and distribute the teaching. Their ministry is evangelical and desires to exalt Jesus Christ, hence they operate upon the command of Christ in that we freely receive therefore we freely give (Matt. 10:8). Steve lives in Georgia.

Interactive Teaching


Teaching by discussion, or interactive teaching, is based upon the Socratic method of teaching by asking questions. The purpose of the teacher is to stimulate thought by encouraging responses from questions that are designed by the teacher to lead the audience to come to their own conclusion and realization. Learning is much more effective when the student sees something for themselves.

The teaching has six parts:

  1. Three Questions (14.5 MB 15:34 mins)
    which discusses three ways to ask questions.
  2. Ask Good Questions (16.2 MB 17:2 mins)
    which explains your preparation as a teacher and how to ask the questions.
  3. Pitfalls to Avoid (7.9 MB 8:28 mins)
    which lists ways that discussion can be stifled, and how to encourage discussions.
  4. Common Problems (9.8 MB 10:29 mins)
    which address issues of students disrupting the teaching.
  5. Philosophy of Teaching (15.7 MB 16:46 mins)
    which looks for the Scriptural reasons for teaching and a teacher’s responsibility before God.
  6. Teaching Tools (3.2 MB 3:24 mins)
    which gives a list of teaching aids that Steve believes in.

Along with the audio files to download, NTRF also provides a study guide (PDF document: 117 KB) which can be printed to take notes while listening.

If your gift is teaching, lecturing is a poor way to teach unless you are addressing a very large crowd. But in a living room for house church settings, discussion is the best way to go.

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