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Organic Life

Organic Christian living begins in the home. Church at its simplest is the family. The priesthood of every believer is in contact with the lost, but in the home the husband and father is the shepherd of the family flock. The first congregation that has to be unified is the family. The corporate expression of Christ begins here.

Hospitality with other believers in homes or other venues is the essence of body life. The first churches planted met in homes with friends of the neighborhood. They were a community before they became a community in Christ. The natural growth of Christianity during the first 300 years is based upon this fact. Families that joined together make the simple body life of Christ.

Maturity in Christ naturally leads to encouraging thers and church planting growth. Life style ministry is the natural outgrowth of following the Way with others. The materials in this section are the positive side of the church organism in contrast to the world’s influence on organized church businesses.


New Birth and Spiritual Maturity




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