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Condemnation is the business model of many professional clergymen.

Protestant Christians all over the world attend the same service every week. The format is essentially the same everywhere. Sure, there are small variations, but the format is the same:

  • Songs for worship
  • Offerings taken
  • Announcements made
  • Sermon preached
  • Altar call

Catholics have the same format, the major exception being the Mass instead of sermon. Why are they the same? Because the Reformers of the Reformation did not abolish the Catholic system, they reformed it. So a Protestant service is a Catholic service reformed.

The system of the institution results in creating passive believers who for the main part do not deny their lives for Christ, but become good citizens instead. The divorce rate amongst Christians is equal and higher than those in the world.  Ethics are frequently compromised, being justified by a “sloppy agape” grace teaching. Tithe and get out of commitment free. This section of the website addresses the issues and consequences of the institutional church, which stands between the Body of Christ and the World.


The Church Business

The Congregation

Church Doctrines and Cults

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  1. charles owino says:

    Dear our Brothers and Sisters.
    Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord God.
    We Thank you for knowing you through your website, we read YOUR Teachings of God you Preach and Teach more and more and we are changing our life and our Heart. and we are agree and pray God to spoke to you to add us in your church members, wae have already to work with you , and we ask you to give us permission for us to start use with your church name in Africa Kenya and Tanzania , I announce and Teach the Truth I see through your site, God gave me 5 churches by now in Kenya and 2 churches in Tanzania, we are ask you through the holy spirit to pray for us churches in Africa.

    1.our churches members request you to give us permission for us to use with your church name in Africa?
    2.our churches request you all our work we work as Branches of you in all our areas? can you say yes?
    3. our all members we ask you to work with you in one unity, one baptist,one faith, one Gospel under your church work?
    4. our members request you if possible for you we need to arrange you the conference in our areas soon this years to come to Teach us?
    we wait to hear more about our request for working with you
    read jeremiah 33;3
    yours Charles owino

  2. Alexander says:

    Thank you for your kind words, however, Freethechurch is not the name of a congregation. It is only the name of this website. Also, this website is the writing of one man. I am not an organization. The gospel is free to the world and is the work of all believers. You do not need my permission for anything.

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