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Condemnation is the business model of many professional clergymen.

Protestant Christians all over the world attend the same service every week. The format is essentially the same everywhere. Sure, there are small variations, but the format is the same:

  • Songs for worship
  • Offerings taken
  • Announcements made
  • Sermon preached
  • Altar call

Catholics have the same format, the major exception being the Mass instead of sermon. Why are they the same? Because the Reformers of the Reformation did not abolish the Catholic system, they reformed it. So a Protestant service is a Catholic service reformed.

The system of the institution results in creating passive believers who for the main part do not deny their lives for Christ, but become good citizens instead. The divorce rate amongst Christians is equal and higher than those in the world.  Ethics are frequently compromised, being justified by a “sloppy agape” grace teaching. Tithe and get out of commitment free. This section of the website addresses the issues and consequences of the institutional church, which stands between the Body of Christ and the World.


The Church Business

The Congregation

Church Doctrines and Cults

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