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Conspiracy for a Global Government

The Global Government
The obvious assault upon godliness and morality around the world, and here in the United States forces the conclusion that there is a conspiracy to undermine religion and establish a secular global government. This conspiracy is witting by some and unwitting by many others. But above it all is the conscious machinations of Lucifer and his host of demons who do not sleep and have been alive since Adam.

Lucifer declared, “I ascend unto heaven and exalt my throne above the stars” (Isaiah 14:13). He wants to be god and to control all the earth. Before the flood he defiled the righteous line by encouraging the sons of God to marry the daughters of men who bore them mighty men of renown (Gen. 6:4). A move intended to defile the line of the Messiah and to birth wicked kings through whom he could rule the earth.

His first attempt at a world government was the tower of Babel (Gen. 11:1-9). With the Lord dividing the tongues of men, Satan’s work at world government took a severe setback.

So he went to work establishing wicked governments of empires who by dictatorial authority conquered the known world. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, and the Romans. Simultaneously God raised a thorn in Satan’s flesh known as the Jewish nation, a small theocracy on earth. Satan tried to undermine that theocracy with Baal worship and the development of the Cabala. But through that theocracy the Messiah was born which, by a means unthought of by Satan, God dethroned Lucifer by the Cross.

Satan had already developed many counterfeit religions by the time Jesus came on the earth. But after the cross he had to assault the work of Jesus to undermine the Lord’s ability to save people. Therefore he introduced the first major doctrine of demons which was known as Gnosticism.

Through Gnosticism the lie was developed that Jesus had sexual intercourse with Mary Magdalene, who bore Jesus children. Mary Magadalene and her “children” fled persecution and settled into France from whom a “divine” lineage grew of kings of Europe through whom the Hapsburg line was derived. These European nobles still believe that they are descendants of Christ which is why the movies, “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Da Vinci Code” were made. That is to continue propagating this lie.

Satan tried to develop his global government through empires again, after the Western Roman Empire failed, by working through the Catholic Church. The Holy Roman Empire was his anemic attempt. Knowing the failure of this attempt, he found a new means through the Crusades. The Knights Templar discovered the Jewish mysticism of the Cabala in Jerusalem, as well as Egyptian rites of the dead. They also discovered great wealth. While on the surface they were supposed to be guardians of Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, they slipped deep into greed and eventually Satan worship.

These Knights Templar became extremely wealthy and secretive. They became the international bankers who financed kings and governments, and remain so today. However, the organization was driven underground by Pope Clement the V and King Philip the Fair of France when they realized how wicked they had become. The Templars fled throughout Europe and were absorbed into the Freemasons. Especially in Scotland. And it is highly likely that the Templars were instrumental in the forming of the Cantons of Switzerland into the nation of Switzerland. It is no accident that Switzerland is the center of international banking. It is also noteworthy that God raised a light of glory after Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation by sending John Calvin to Switzerland and John Knox to Scotland.

In Bavaria the Templars became the Illuminati and continued their plan of controlling the world. Through them the French Revolution was engineered behind the scenes. The Masons and the Illuminati, successors of the Templars, saw in America a means to overthrow England as well. However, the American Founding Fathers were aware of their global designs and resisted their attempts to establish a national bank that they could control. That resistance lasted until the 20th century. The Illuminati, also disappeared by merging with the Masons.

>Shortly after the Civil War, Grand Master Albert Pike, a confederate general, laid out a plan to establish a global government. Tragedy and crisis are always opportunity for change. The civil war was such an experience. Pike envisioned three world wars as a means of establishing a global government. The first war would be an awareness of the need for global government. The second world war would be an atrocity against the Jews to build world sympathy for a need to give them their homeland in Israel again. The third world war would be an aggravation of the Jewish presence amidst the Islamic world that would cause such destruction that a global unity would usher in the global government.

The international bankers, the European nobility, the masons and all the globalists sought means to make their global government. The bankers hired Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto. Communism is a system ideal for the bankers. The international bankers finance all governments that borrow from them and charge usurious interest, holding those governments in bondage by debt. That debt is paid by taxation. In communism there is no voice of the people and easy means of confiscation to pay the bankers their usury.

America resisted their intrusion, so they bought off politicians and in 1913 through the Jekyl Island machinations passed the Federal Reserve Act during a lame duck congressional session. The international bankers got control of the US economy and then began the process of putting our nation in debt to them. To pay for their usury, the establishment of the IRS and the Income Tax followed shortly behind.

Meanwhile Albert Pike’s plan was put to work. World War I, over an assassination of a duke, brought the failed League of Nations into existence. World War II over German aggression against Europe and the holocaust against the Jews ushered in both the United Nations and the country of Israel.

Likewise the scattered Illuminati and the European nobility that still believes they are descended from Christ formed the Council on Foreign Relations and an innumerable other organizations that continue their agenda of a one world government.

And in these organizations there are many who consciously do Satan’s bidding and many who are ignorant of the Satanic driving force behind the agenda. Instead they believe the various lies used to foster the global government upon the world.

Christian reader, do you think these things have happened in a vacuum? There is a conspiracy to destroy godliness and morality which are the main bulwarks against the progress of the global government. This conspiracy is both public and private. Do not believe the mockery of the word “conspiracy” for it is the norm of all human life.

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