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1. Ecclesiastes and the Dark Side of the Moon

March 27, 2009

The world system drives everyone insane. Pink Floyd saw this and illustrated it in their album, “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Solomon said the same thing in his book, “Ecclesiastes.” This blog is also merged with a podcast and is meant to be read and heard together.

2. Live for Today for Tomorrow We Die

March 28, 2009

Solomon explores the pleasures, wisdom and folly of the world only to discover that death makes every effort meaningless, so he comes to hate life. The protagonist of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon finds himself On the Run in the treadmill of life looking for any joy he can find, too, knowing that he only has death to look forwards to.

3. The Deadline of Time

March 29, 2009

Death is the deadline of time that creates stress in accomplishing works of significance. Solomon observes that there is a time for every purpose under heaven, whereas the main character in Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” frets that his life has been frittered away. We do not despair over time, for God is the author of time and is fulfilling his plan for our lives.

4. Heaven Misunderstood

April 1, 2009

Heaven is only a place of refuge for those in Christ, and it is temporary. God has given us heaven on earth in our hearts already, but experiencing that requires a life of self denial for Jesus Christ.

5. The Root of All Evil

April 3, 2009

The love of money is the root of all evil. Solomon explains that seeking money for riches sake brings trouble and anxiety. The character in Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon dreams of becoming rich and famous, but does not understand that wealth tends to lead to wars.

6. Envy and Strife

April 4, 2009

It is always an elite few who rally the masses in hypnotic moral outrage to warfare which profits those few at the expense of the mass. Envy and strife over worldly gain is drive behind this warfare. The Church has been complicit unwittingly with these machinations of the few.

7. The Pressure of Conformity

April 5, 2009

Jesus Christ is the only role model of God that we are to follow. When we conform to opinions of men, we become fractured as a Church. We experience a spiritual version of Multiple Personality Disorder such as the character in the Dark Side of the Moon.

8. Struggling on the Edge

April 15,  2009

Life is a struggle with or without Jesus Christ. It is filled with many frustrations and challenges that are used by God to carve the fruit of the Spirit into our characters. We are all brought to the edge to face these same struggles.

9. Choose Life

April 18, 2009

A lobotomy cuts away the ability to sense the world, but nothing to cut away the sin and selfishness of the human heart. God has provided a circumcision of the heart that enhances the senses to perceive the abundant life already here.

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  1. JOHN W. ROE says:

    If you have a e-mail list I would really like to be on it, because I have really enjoyed Watchman Nee, and I have enjoyed your articles. I’m in Seminary Classes, with taking Wesleyan U.,at my Church.

  2. Alexander says:

    Thank you John. No I don’t have an email list, and I don’t write consistently since I am not a professional. I am only a fellow pilgrim who shares his journey and insights as they come. Blessings on you and I wish you the best.

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