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Donnie Trump and the Untouchables

Posted on April 22, 2018 by Alexander

Donald Trump and the Untouchables

or, How He is Draining the Swamp

When I watch what Trump is doing, sometimes I feel like God has raised him us as a modern day Cyrus to deliver  America from the traitors intent on destroying this nation. I have also heard that there are Christian Zionists that hope God will use Trump to usher in the Ant-Christ by enabling Israel to build their third Temple thus hastening the return of the Lord.

Neither point of view is that attitude that God wants His Kingdom to have. While living in a nation, we are still strangers and pilgrims passing through as ambassadors of Christ whose mission is to be salt and light to a lost world. As for the second point of view, we are to resist the coming of the Anti-Christ, for he will enslave the entire world, even though for a brief season. We are called to support and encourage goodness at all times.

Which brings me to the topic of this post. As far as I know, Trump is not a Christian, not that this matters for his effectiveness as the president. But he seems to be a man who wants to truly bring America back to its roots. Also, he seems to be a man who keeps his promises and his first year in office he has done more than any other president in the recent past to help this country.

As seen in my last two posts, I have been closely following the Qanon posts on Reddit and following the research that Q has directed the Anons to pursue. It seems that Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding the NSA (National Security Association) had a positive benefit.   The NSA has spied on all of us, including the traitors, and does know everything about everyone.  While the violation of our 4th Amendment is inexcusable, they do know everything the political criminals have been doing as well.

As I understand what Q has indicated in his drops,  Trump was approached by the military, three years before he ran for office,  who asked him to run with their backing and a plan to drain the swamp.  It seems the plan parallels the work of Eliot Ness who could not stop Al Capone from brewing liquor during the Prohibition until he found out that Capone had not paid his taxes.  Ness arrested him for tax evasion and put him behind bars.

Our nation has been run by a criminal cabal of politicians and corporate CEO’s whose agenda is to destroy the U.S. sovereignty so it can be subject to a global government.  Q revealed that there were three main families behind this plan: the British Rothschilds who own almost every bank in the world with there inflationary central bank systems:  the house of Saud who are trying to bring Islam to every nation; and the George Soros family who finance dissident groups to bring civil unrest and strife while destroying national economies.  For some reason the Rockefeller family has been removed from the picture.

Along with bribing and blackmailing politicians and judges to support their agenda, rival intelligence agencies have covertly undermined the republic.  Those families make up the shadow government that has controlled our elected officials to work contrary to the will of the people, whereas the intelligence agencies  have made up the deep state that is waging a covert war upon the citizens.

What Q has shown those of us that are following his communications from the White House  is that the NSA is the one intelligence agency that is still a military agency, and as such are still loyal to the US Constitution and the republic it is supposed to govern.  The CIA and FBI are considered civilian agencies, just as your municipal police are civilian and not military.  Consequently the CIA and the FBI are at war with the NSA since they serve their corporate masters of the shadow government.

The NSA has all the documentation of all of their criminal activities.  The problem is the DOJ   (Department of Justice) had become  part of the deep state, too.  The judicial system in our country is totally corrupt. To try them in civil court would be useless as they would simply be let go.  Consider Bill Clinton’s impeachment meant nothing as he continued to finish his second term as President.

This is where the Eliot Ness strategy comes in to play.  All these criminal politicians are perverts.  The NSA has documentation proving their pedophilia activities.  Trump signed an executive order on December 21st, 2017 declaring the Treasury Department can seize the assets of human rights violators. He declared a state of emergency, which also means he can use military tribunals to prosecute the criminal politicians and government agents, thus avoiding the corrupt judicial system.   For the corporate CEO’s their assets can be seized and class actions suits brought against their companies.

I am a cautious supporter of Trump.  As I said, the Rockefeller family was excluded from the list.  It was said by another commentator that it appears that there are two rival factions warring with one another.  The Rothschilds and Soros are Zionist Jews.  The Saudis, while Islamic, may be Jews who converted to Islam centuries ago.

Years ago I was a Christian Zionist through ignorance of what that meant.   I no longer hold that view.  I believe the Ashkenazi Jews are not Semitic people at all, but are are Khazars who converted to Judaism in 900 AD.  The Khazars seem to be trying to fulfill biblical prophecy in their own strength, even wanting to bring up their own Messiah.  Trump seems to be a Zionist (the only president to move the embassy to Jerusalem), and one Rebbi I listened to, believes his familial ancestry is Jewish, too.

It is possible that the Rockefellers (also Jewish) are behind Trump.  Remember, if the common interpretation of the end times are correct (they may not be) the Anti-Christ will bring in  three and a half years of peace after making  a peace agreement with Israel in the Middle East.  Trump is bringing world peace to pass.  He has brought the first glimmer of peace to North and South Korea.  He knows how to negotiate deals, and was the first president treated with honor and dignity in the Forbidden City.

So, how should Christians view all this?  In my opinion, we are to support good whenever it occurs.  And right now he is doing tremendous good, bringing peace, economic prosperity, and freedom to thousands of boys and girls who were sold into sex slavery. If he turns out to be the Anti-Christ, we will know it when we are told to use the mark of the beast to buy and sell.  Which means that while all this good is going on, we should still prepare for the worst, and become as self sufficient as we can.

Pray for the peace that Trump is accomplishing to be used by evangelists to share the Gospel.  For the days are short, and many need to hear the Good News.

Mat_25:13  Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

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