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How Sin Causes Aging and Death

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Alexander

The body replaces all its cells every seven years.

Recently I realized why we change with age.  It is the design of God affected by sin.  Sin is an archery term that means, “to miss the mark.”  In other words, a little off target. Sin in the Bible refers to a flaw in the creation introduced by Adam and Eve in the garden.  This crack in perfection was accounted for by God and the provision of salvation was ready at the time of creation.  In physics sin is seen in the law of entropy in which everything is in a state of deterioration.  Sin is a flaw that begins in the spirit dimension of creation.  In another post I discuss the integrity of creation in that the spirit world and the material world are the same creation, but different dimensions of the creation. Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in the spirit happens in the physical world, too. DNA is only an expression of the spirit in the physical world.  It is in the spirit that the plan and design of a person resides.

At birth the force of life in the spirit is strong, but as time passes that force of life diminishes. The plan of God for life is growth.  Death is a mechanism of abundant life found in the spirit dimension (just as time is in the spirit dimension), although we no longer think of death in such a way.  God designed death to be a means of changing the form of living creatures.  Plants begin in the form of a seed, become shoots, stalks the full bloom plants, bushes and trees.  People and animals change form from zygote to infant, infant to child, child to adolescent, adolescent to adult.  But because sin entered the creation, the function of death to transform the form of growing life was slightly altered.  Adulthood should then stop changing form and the function of death was to replace damaged cells with healthy cells to perpetuate life.  Sin changed the ability of this function of death in the spirit so that it is slightly off in its ability to recreate the cells.

By analogy, consider copy machines.   If you take photograph and copy it in a copy machine, the replication will be the same but there will be a slight increase in contrast and loss of mid-tones. Take the copy and make another copy you will see a further increase in degeneration of quality.  Do this enough times then the photo copy of the X generation will be a black and white high contrast image unlike the original photo.

It takes seven years for every cell in the human body to replace itself.  In the first 21 years, those replacements include changes in growth.  Therefore an infant looks nothing like a 7 year old child, nor a 7 year old child does not look like a 14 year old adolescent.  This is the reason that a person was not considered a fully grown adult until the age of 21.  That was the third 7 year cycle of completion.  Eighteen year olds are not done with their growth cycle.   But after this a person is an adult but does not continue in growth changes.  From 21 the seven year cycles are replacement cycles, but because of sin causing the replacement cycle to be slightly off, the aging process becomes manifest.  So aging changes, like the degeneration in photo copying occur at 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, and 70 which is the average age of death, although that has increased and goes up to 77, 84, and for those long livers… 91.  Dying of natural causes  is due to the natural breakdown of organs and body parts that have been reproduced slightly off so many times that organs can no longer function the intended way.  This is seen in changes in the skin, hair growing in places they never grew before and the loss of vision, hearing, smell and taste, even memory in the brain.

Another analogy to compare this process with is space flight.  When great distance is to be covered, whether to the moon or the planets, it is necessary for course adjustments to be made every 10 minutes to stay on course.  If the flight is slightly off course in the beginning with no adjustments ever made, the path will be millions of miles off course as it nears the intended destination.   This is why God had to kick Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden to prevent them from eating from the tree of life.  If they had eaten from the tree of life their existence would have been sealed and their course would have been set with no ability for course adjustment  and they would have been doomed in an eternal existence of decay and degeneration. Death could still  be used to heal them which He did on Calvary’s tree.

Since sin caused only slight changes in death’s ability to reproduce life, the initial descendants of Adam and Eve before the Flood enjoyed long lives of many centuries, Methuselah having lived almost a thousand years.   After the Flood, the degeneration sped up so that life spans dwindled from 500 years to the average of 70 years.  This may be due to environmental changes as in the creation science theory of the canopy being destroyed over the Earth.  Statements in the Bible seem to indicate that God has set a limit on the degeneration.  Likewise, with the new birth, death in the spirit is restored to its proper function, however,  there seems to be a limit in its use for the fallen physical bodies and we still die.   It is the regenerated spirit that the new birth creates that will be the force God uses, in my opinion, to resurrect believers when Christ returns.   Jesus will resurrect the unbelievers at the White Throne Judgment, but their bodies will be their old bodies.  Perhaps those thrown in the Lake of Fire will be there in the bodies of their old age when they first died, and will continue to degenerate in decay forever afterwards. Only the Lord knows.

4 to “How Sin Causes Aging and Death”

  1. Patrick Junior Tengey says:

    Great article! And very true. That was why God assigned a Cherubium at the east of the garden and a flaming sword to guard access to the tree of life. To prevent eternal deterioration.

  2. Alexander says:

    Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you. To remain in a state of eternal deterioration would be horrible. And yet, all who reject Jesus Christ are accepting that end.

  3. Lyndon says:

    Hi I have come across your article and believe it is pointing in the right direction. I have noticed that when I since ( however small it is it affects by growth) So Sin literally leads to aging which leads to death. I am of the belief that right living in Jesus leads to life and regeneration of the body. Am seeing it happening to me.

  4. Alexander says:

    There is no stopping death with right living, but faith in Christ and right living mitigates death. We all have to shed our mortality. The entire universe is affected by sin (entropy) which is why it must roll up like a scroll at the end of days for the new heaven and the new Earth to replace it.

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