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Cosmic Restoration

Posted on April 18, 2012 by Alexander
Jesus transforms the universe

The resurrection transformed all creation

In an earlier post I wrote about the physical law of entropy being  not only the “curse” but the continuation of sin.   The Lake of Fire, in my opinion, is not punishment from God, but the continuation of decomposition that we already experience through aging then, finally, physical death.  It is decomposition in the spirit.  Our human spirits are made of divine substance, according to the Bible, called, “the breath of life” (Gen. 2:7).  This substance breathed into the nostrils of Adam came from God, therefore is everlasting.  But our spirits became corrupted because of Adam’s sin, along with degeneration through the generations, compounded by our own sins.   While the human spirit can not completely die, it will continue in corruption of decomposition in  the Lake of Fire.  This is our choice when we reject the gospel, which (as Wayne Jacobsen likes to say) is the cure.  If you reject the cure, then you retain the disease.

My point in that post was to encourage everyone that this is not the wrath of God  (I am not denying that God has wrath),  but the Lake of Fire is the consequence of our own choices if we reject the gift of life in Christ. God’s wrath has already been poured out on sin through Jesus on the cross.  Furthermore,  I want the reader to understand that the fall  of Adam affected the entire universe, whereas the redemption of Christ also affects the entire universe.   This, then, is the  purpose of this post.

As I said then, the statement made by James that if we break one commandment we have broken them all (James 2:9) explains the transgression of Adam impacting all creation.  This brought about what is called “the curse” in the Bible, but is called entropy in physics. When God explained the consequences of their transgression, He was not pronouncing judgment in the religious sense, but was illustrating the change in creation because of the fall.  The very fabric of creation was now fractured by their sin, and all creation became tainted with sin.

This does not mean the dualistic view of gnosticism which declares the physical world to be sin while the spiritual world to be sinless.  That view sees the spiritual world as separate from the physical world.  There is only one creation and the spiritual world is another dimension of creation which makes it an integral part of the physical world, too.   Sin did not begin in the physical world, it began in the spiritual world with Lucifer’s fall before Adam and Eve’s fall. The virus of Lucifer’s sin was passed onto Adam and Eve, and they, being in the image of God and having dominion over the physical world, spread the virus into the physical world.  Remember, the Lord Jesus declared that if a man lusted for a woman in his heart then he has already committed adultery with her (Matt. 5:28) which shows that sin begins in the spirit (or, in this illustration, the soul) first.

The infection of sin creeps and fractures all  creation. The thorns and thistles of  Genesis 3:18 were the beginning of this change to creation.  When the Earth was flooded by the intervention of God, everything had been corrupted by sin, animals and mankind alike.  It is wrong to think animals are sinless.  Understanding their taint of sin requires understanding the original intention of God.  Animals were made to eat plants, just as people were.  It was never God’s intention that humans or animals eat one another.   C.S. Lewis in his book, “The Problem with Pain,”  points out that animals in the wild is outside the plan of God.  For mankind was to care for the creatures and the  animals were to be in relationship with humans just as pets are in relationship with people.

So when you consider the destruction of all the world in the Flood or the local conquest of Canaan by Israel where they were commanded by God to destroy all living things,  people and animals alike, the command was not a destruction of innocent life.  The very fabric of all creation has been corrupted by sin, and as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, or Canaan in the Israeli conquest, that infection became deeply increased in those areas .  Sin  infects all creation like yeast affects all the flour dough it touches.  The restoration is the reverse of that.

Jesus said, by metaphor, that  He had to die like a seed in the ground so he could regrow and multiply (John 12:24). He tells us that we need to do the same (John 12:25 ).  In His earthly life Jesus was perfect and sinless, but he was not perfected, or completely sealed in His perfection. He accepted the sins of the world to be placed upon Him, which then “made Him sin who knew no sin” (1 Cor. 5:21).  Without His becoming sin, He could not die. But the corruption of sin/entropy infected Him so He could die.  The eternal Spirit left Him, so He remained solely human, a created body, soul and spirit which could die.  According to Romans 5:12-21 by one man [Adam’s] sin came into the world and all die, but by one man [Jesus’] righteousness came so all may live.  Since it was not His sin that killed Him, and He had voluntarily laid His life down (John 10:17-18) for us, He was justified and resurrected back to life.

This action of being a seed that dies to bear fruit (John 12:24) is like starter dough in baking bread made with yeast.  Just as sin was like a starter dough of poison that taints every new loaf of bread made with the tainted starter dough,  Jesus became the righteous and wholesome starter dough that cleanses every tainted dough into wholesome and healthy dough. The cleansing, of course, is not total immediately, but requires our transformation into glory which happens at His return.   This starter dough of Jesus’ very life is not for humanity alone, but is the new substance that will make up the new Heaven and Earth after the White Throne Judgment when all the heavens will roll up like a scroll.  All creation is being purged, first mankind in the new life, but then the whole universe by the resurrected and glorified life of Christ.

“For God so loved the World [kosmos]…” (John 3:16) is not limited to mankind. It includes mankind and begins with mankind for salvation, but the Greek word “kosmos” also means the entire universe.  Christ came to save sinners, the source of corruption in the universe, but He also come to save His entire creation.  His gift and sacrifice is much greater than you and I, although we are the primary objects of His salvation.

But because God made us in His image as sovereign free will beings, He does not force anyone to accept His salvation.  So all who refuse the healing will be quarantined where their entropy of decomposition will continue forever in the Lake of Fire which was originally created for the fallen angels who (I do not know why) can not be saved.



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  1. Kathryn says:

    Alex, it has been too long! What an interesting take of the issue of the Fall and the restoration of all things. It has been on my mind as of late, too. Please if you get a chance, write to me at the email I have left. I have something I would love to share with you on “the man of sin” if you have time. God bless you, dear brother!

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    It has been a long time. Thank you for your comment and I will continue this privately in email.

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