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Iceland Revisited

Posted on August 28, 2010 by Alexander

Economic Volcano

I had made reference to the economic situation in Iceland in the  3 posts, beginning with “The Elephant in the Room” ,  followed by, “Integrity Amidst Corporate Evil“, then again with “Ethics or Morals“.   I never felt that I have done justice to the reason for mentioning Iceland in all those posts.

So, in this post, I want to share where I got my information so you can read on this further.  The main point, is that the 14 trillion dollar American debt is a fraud forced on the American people that does not belong to the American people and should not be paid.  Some of the debt is legitimate, but most is not.  The people of Iceland refused to pay a similar fraud foisted upon them, as well.

I first came across this story in an article by R.D Bradshaw who has been writing a series called, “The Goldsmiths” for the Gold Seek website.  Mr. Bradshaw has been explaining the actions of the banking cabal throughout this series.  The discussion on Iceland is found in his post # CXXXVII.  After reading so much about the banking/corporate control of nations through the economy that was discouraging, I found this lengthy post to be hopeful.

Mr. Bradshaw said:

Wikipedia and numerous internet sites have the backdrop on the Icelandic crisis.  It appears that the primary groundwork for the problem was laid back in the early 2000s as the money changers, who owned/controlled Iceland’s money and banks, moved to promote intense speculation with derivatives and risky loans by Iceland’s major banks—to include the Kaupthing, Landsbanki (called IceSaves in Britain and Holland) and Glitnir banks.  Iceland ran up huge debts to the big Rothschild Cabal banks in England, Holland, Germany and evidently other EU countries.  Apparently, the Cabal had encouraged some local British and Dutch banks/savers to put some money into at least the IceSaves bank whereby the Cabal money lending bosses could use this money to speculate in the financial markets.

He continues later in the article saying:

According to Wikipedia, Iceland’s banking collapse was the largest suffered by any country in economic history, relative to the size of its economy.  The Icelandic króna declined more than 35% against the euro from January to September 2008.  Inflation of consumer prices was running at 14%, and Iceland’s interest rates had been raised to 15.5% to deal with the high inflation.  With this state of crisis, the governing politicians started looking for ways to borrow money from Russia, the EU or the IMF to bail them out.

But as far as the Rothschild Cabal bankers in London and Holland, there would be no help unless and until Iceland agreed to tax her people heavily in order to pay off the losses to the big Rothschild Cabal banks.  Quite naturally, Iceland’s political leadership agreed to do just that very thing— pay off the banks and put the tax burden on the people of Iceland.  Of course, this solution was what was happening in the US (with TARP) and in the EU.  The Rothschild Cabal masters in London thought that Iceland would be another stupid pushover to bail out the Cabal banks.

A little further on he continues:

In a nutshell, the Rothschild ruled Britain demanded that Iceland pay off the banking losses of the Rothschild Cabal banks in the Icelandic crash which the Cabal caused.  Iceland said no.  So the Rothschild owned Britain defined Iceland as a terrorist state and seized property of the Icelandic bank(s) and possibly some other Icelandic assets in Britain to hold as a hostage with a demand that Iceland reimburse Britain for its pay offs to the big Rothschild Cabal banks/savers for their losses.

And the point that I found hopeful:

As best as I can determine, in what I have read, the small nation of Iceland allowed Rothschild relatives and agents into its country many years ago (just like Germany, Britain and the US all did).  Quickly, this Cabal of conspiratorial agents took over the Icelandic banks and money.  And, like in Britain, the US and much of Europe, the Cabal relatives and agents proceeded to speculate and gamble with Iceland’s money in risky loans and speculative derivatives.  When the Rothschild Cabal bosses in London launched their move to a deflationary depression in 2008, it caused a collapse in the risky loans and derivatives.  Just like the Cabal masters had the gall to demand that the United States, Britain and Europe tax their peoples to pay off the To-Big-To-Fail Cabal banks, they insisted that Iceland do the same thing.

But too bad for the Cabal bosses, the people of Iceland had the guts and courage to stand up to the Rothschild plutocratic bosses and say no way Jose.  Literally, the people of Iceland turned against their own elected rulers in Parliament.

His article is much more detailed than these few block quotes, and I encourage every thoughtful reader to take the time to read the whole article.  R.D. Bradshaw did not write further on the topic except for a discussion on the volcano that blew up shortly after this.  So I was delighted and surprised to hear a podcast on the topic.

I have recently become a subscriber to the Off the Grid newsletter which is a website, newsletter and podcast on ways to become independent of the corporate system that most Americans depend upon.  Independent of using the electrical grid, the police system, water systems, food production systems that are owned and run by large, often international, corporations.  These are Americans who see the handwriting on the wall and are preparing for an economic and industrial collapse of the United States.

Their podcast was badly recorded, difficult to listen to.  They always provide a written transcript of the podcast, which makes for greater clarity.  In this particular podcast, the hosts,  Brian Brawdy and Bill Heid, had invited Mr. Hank Brock, author of the forthcoming book, “The Last Dominos,” which is not in print at the time of this writing. The book is on world economics. In the interview, Bill asked Hank about the significance of Iceland.

Bill: Well, Hank, talk a little bit about sovereign debt as it affects nations we’ve got obviously you have the historical issues of years passed when you’re in the Great Depression here and some other incidents. But talk a little bit about Iceland because what happens when you wake up in the morning and one of these implosions actually affects you.  Right now it seems to me like it’s an abstraction Americans they get up, they watch the news, they may check their favorite website and there are just stories to the average guy until something happens, what happen in Iceland and what happens to someone who woke up in Iceland one morning?

Hank: Well Iceland could be a story of and should be a terrible or a warning of a future America.  In May 2008, Moody’s downgraded Iceland’s, the rating of the Iceland’s sovereign debt to krona and the number of its banks and that required no capital reserves, they went through the rating process, we don’t need to do that but it precipitated another rating downgrade which precipitated another rating downgrade, and then when the US had their problems in mid September 2008, Iceland’s three largest banks collapsed.  These banks had debts totaling 8 times the entire size of Iceland GDP.

Their capita was number 17 in the world in August 2008.  The government told the public at all of their accounts in these three largest banks that collapsed were insured.  Well 6 weeks later, the government had to admit that they had no way had the resources to cover all of the liabilities of these three banks that had collapsed and overnight the krona lost over 80% of its value.

That’s within a couple of days.  People want to sleep but basically woke up within a couple of days and discovered that their $100,000 bank account was worth 20 that their $4000, $5000 monthly paycheck had a purchasing power of $1000. There were still importing all of their goods at full cost, full price from Europe and elsewhere and they didn’t have that much the way of natural resources and natural self efficiency and overnight by November, we had the riots in the streets November 11, Iceland riot and riot in the streets and their GDP per capita dropped within 90 days from 17th in the world to 118th at the level of Peru.  And so now you have Iceland basically a third world nation, people trying to pay their bills and their expenses are still astronomical.

Bill: You wake in the morning and you find you have ash in your bank account instead of dollars.  Hank, you want to pick up because as we were talking about during the break there, I think that the average Americans just doesn’t realize that he’s in a similar position as someone living in Iceland and when that hits, it comes without a whole lot of notice and it changes your life forever because of you’ve got a thousand dollars in the bank and the next morning you’ve got 200 because of the default. You’ve got some decisions to make about how you’re going to live your life.

Most of the discussion was on the topic of his book on how the economic dominoes are falling.  The warning that Mr. Brock is giving us is that the collapse of the American banking system is close behind that of Iceland.  Mr. Bradshaw and Mr. Brock have two different points on the topic that the Church needs to understand and be prepared for.  The debt is not ours and we should not submit to paying it.  It needs to be renounced by the American people and when the impact of this debt hits  the banks completely,  what ever savings you may have in the bank will become worthless if it is dependent upon the Federal Reserve system, of which all banks by law have to be a participant.

If  you wish to hear the edited version of their podcast,  you can do so here.

If you wish to hear the original unedited podcast by Off the Grid News, you can do so here.

Christians need to understand that God is no more the author of this situation than He was of the slavery imposed on Israel by Pharaoh.  He sent Moses as a deliverer of Israel because He heard the cry of His people (Exodus 3:7).  When the temple of Solomon’s was built, he prayed then prophesied,

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chr 7:14 KJV)

Armed revolution would be a disaster, and would be welcomed by the government.  They could then dispense with the pretense that we are a constitutional republic and would function openly as a totalitarian regime.  Prayer and repentance is the answer.  Resistance to this debt will only succeed if it is led by the Holy Spirit.  Resistance in the flesh would be a failure, but not if God leads the way. Brethren, we need to pray.

2 to “Iceland Revisited”

  1. Dennis Newland says:

    I admire the Icelandic people for their stand on this but governments ever wary of such a revolution are preparing for the counter attack. Re: The UK where plans are being discussed to ensure that all private earnings I,E, salaries and wages etc are first paid into government coffers where determined taxes and other costs are removed first before you get your pay check. Yes it is coming in the guise of ensuring A. you get your money -amount determined by government- B. That the government gets all tax owing and c. That the government makes a packet on the weekly billions long before you get your share. However the other side of the coin is that if you have a country like Iceland who’s people want refuse to pay this fictitious debt to some Large banking Cabal then you will be trouble because the government will simply be able to deduct a Bank Debt levy from your money before you ever see it. Thereby nullifying the will of the people and their power to refuse. Place little or no pressure on politicians to fight on their behalf. Repayments may be small to start with and are we not just being petty or refusing to pay our debts so get over it. Now you are truly enslaved along with your government and the country to the Roths Childs Rockerfellers et al and it is now they who control the world and its people. Beware this must be fought with all our strength to save us from falling into this abyss.
    Pitfalls A one level loan tax regardless of wealth.
    Control of our lives by the so-called rich elite.
    No choice whatsoever regarding infrastructure and social spending.
    Retina Scans, Finger print Scans and off course a nano chip of some sort. The first two are already being implemented in India and intends to cover the entire population.
    And so much more.
    Freedom Lost Forever. Primarily to those who say they are Jews but are not but are of the synagogue of SATAN Finally revealed. Jesus Said it to the church of Smyrna and others 2000 years ago.


  2. Alexander says:

    Your comments are very thoughtful. Thank you. The answer is to follow the leading of the Spirit on a one on one basis. There is nothing in the Bible that says that God wants any of our nations to continue, only that the nations would combine to resist Him before His Kingdom is established on Earth. Iceland gives me hope even if your scenario comes to pass. The net of evil is looser and thinner than we are led to believe. God has a way for all who seek His directions.

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